Here’s What You’ll Discover At This FREE 3 Hr Sydney Workshop!

  • A Simple, Effective Way to Tell If She’s Ready To Be Kissed So You Won’t Get Rejected
  • The Top 10 Mistakes Aussie Men Make with Women & How to Avoid Them
  • 3 Questions to Attract Beautiful Women
  • What to Say to Start Great Conversations & Never Run Out Of Things To Say
  • Skilfully Flirt With Women Using Eye Contact, Touch & Body Language

Date and Time:
Monday 23rd September
7pm-10pm AEST

Social Coach HQ
Level 2, 80 Cooper St
Surry Hills NSW

What The Media Says

Discover What To Say To Smoothly And Confidently Approach Beautiful Women

“It Was Like Getting a PhD in Women in a Week…”

I wanted high quality girls. I wanted beautiful girls who were intelligent, with personality…
And since the Bootcamp, about a couple of years ago, I’ve got to where – even with a full time job, very busy schedule, not putting in a ton of effort – I’m sleeping with about a dozen attractive women every year.


Albert – 34

Specialist Doctor

New York, USA

“The Most Amazing Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me”

I don’t even feel like the same person.
The Bootcamp has made me an entirely person and opened up an entire lifetime of experiences that I would have never been able to get near if I hadn’t been given the confidence, if I hadn’t learnt these skills…
It is the best money I’ve ever spent.


TJ – 26

Games Developer

Vancouver, Canada

“It’s the best gift you can show to men…”

I’ve been coached by a guy who does this for a living and before I met him I was terrible with women and now that’s all changed.
It will completely change your life.


Christian – 32

Business Owner

Perth, Australia

“This Should Be Part Of The School Curriculum For Men Worldwide”

The whole thing was fantastic.
The best thing is actually getting feedback and getting thought processes of the Female Trainers and, “Oh this is how we’re thinking”, it really fills me with confidence.
My whole life is going to be transformed dramatically.


Patrick – 33

Personal Trainer

Sydney, Australia

“I Wish I’d Done This Course Years Ago…”

Now I can see it laid out in a little pattern it’s all so simple, so simple!
It’s something that we can teach our kids. They won’t have to go through the bloody struggling and problems and they’ll go “Dad Was Right!”.
One of the best things that I’ve ever done. Do it.


Brett – 39


Brisbane, Australia

“When You Go Out You Don’t Even Have To Think!”

This is amazingly powerful stuff.
The repetition we do in terms of the physicality and mechanics (with the Female Trainers) means that when you go out you don’t even have to think.
James, I feel for you because it should be worth a lot more that you charge for it. It’s almost priceless.


Eric – 27

IT Project Manager

Sydney, Australia

“It’s Like Seeing The Matrix…”

Having the structure in place and practicing all the exercises with the (Female) Trainers helped the most because when you go out into the real world, it’s already ingrained into your subconscious. You’re literally on auto pilot!
It was the most amazing experience. I’d easily pay much more for it.


Ryan – 30

IT Consultant

Sydney, Australia

“It’s Like A Lifetime Has Happened In One Day”

It’s unbelievable! World class dating and relationship coaching. It’s inspirational.
You have to do this because there are things inside of you that will be revealed that you could go the rest of your life never knowing.
Don’t think can you afford to do it, think can you afford not to do it?


Roger – 52

Senior Lecturer Computer Science

Sydney, Australia

“You’ve Made It So Simple, Anyone Can Do It”

I enjoyed the simplicity of the physical exercises (with Female Trainers). It’s just not as complicated as PUA’s make it out to be.
There’s so much you can only impart through the physical exercises, rather than reading it in an e-book. It’s just so valuable.
The world is my oyster now!


Craig – 49


Sydney, Australia

“No More PUA For Me Ever…”

When you showed me from a female perspective – what it was like for a guy to do that physicality, power spin & eye contact – I could see that the questions didn’t matter so much. It was was just so powerful.
This has been the best investment I’ve made in my entire life…


Peter – 44

Occupational Therapist

Brisbane, Australia

Date and Time:
Monday 26th August
7pm-10pm AEST