Where Are The Women You Want To Meet?


How To Quickly, Easily & Efficiently Meet The Women You Really Want

Life is short.

Are you over age, say, 25?

How much time have you spent messaging women on internet dating sites?

How much time, money, brain cells and precious weekends do you think you have spent trying to meet girls in bars and clubs?

And, how are they are  these strategies working for you?

Are you starting to get the feeling that these are not the most time efficient ways for you to meet the women you really want to be with?

One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life is to learn the skills to confidently meet attractive women that I happen to see as I go about my day to day life – walking to a restaurant, hanging out in a bookstore, taking a yoga class. Because of this: 

  1. The quality of women I get to date (beauty, brains, sweetness and sophistication) has skyrocketed even though I’m exactly the same guy.
  2. It’s now so easy to get the women to actually show up on dates with me (compared with meeting them in bars and via online dating).
  3. My dates nearly always go way better and are so much more fun.
  4. I have a much higher chance of getting a second date, taking her back to my place or making her my girlfriend.

So, I wanted to share my experiences about the probabilities of success with (and my attraction to) women I meet, based on where I meet them.


A Logical, Time Efficient Guide to Meeting The Women You Really Want

These are my personal estimates of the probability I will be genuinely interested in a woman as a person, if I meet her in the following situations:

  • Nightclubs: 1 in 100
  • Typical bar: 1 in 50
  • My perfect type of bar: 1 in 25
  • Random daytime (shops, streets, public transport): 1 in 20
  • Gym/fitness: 1 in 10
  • Galleries/cultural/art events: 1 in 10
  • Organic/healthy/vegetarian cafes and grocers: 1 in 10
  • Private party: 1 in 10
  • Business conference/networking (a danger for your career): 1 in 10
  • Playing sport: 1 in 5
  • Intro via close friends (a danger for friendships): 1 in 5
  • Workplace (a very dangerous for your career): 1 in 5
  • Evening adult education classes: 1 in 5
  • General bookstore: 1 in 5
  • Yoga/meditation: 1 in 5
  • Fellow long term traveller, while I’m travelling independently: 1 in 3
  • Event related to my biggest passions in life (e.g. film festival, traveller’s club): 1 in 2
  • My favourite sections of bookstore: 1 in 2 
woman_gym_sitting_taking_to man

What Are The Places That Will Work Best For You?

If you want to be smart about how you use your time to meet women I’d suggest you take a minute now to write out your own list like mine above. Think about your hobbies and interests, the best women you’ve met in the past and what you really want in a woman.

Use your list to narrow down out the places you’re most likely to find your ideal women. Then, focus your attention on learning the skills, particular to meeting women at these places.

AN EXERCISE: Please make a list of your top 3 places you think will be most successful for you.

Here’s The Best Bit!

The girls you’ll meet at your ‘ideal places’ will be so much easier to get on a dates, bring back to your place and become your loving girlfriend/s!

It’s pretty straight forward, if you genuinely like a woman as a person and share some of her major interests she will be far more physically, mentally and emotionally attracted to you.

But! Beautiful Women Know If You Just Want Them For Their Bodies

Most beautiful women have a near freakish ability to read someones true motives toward them. They’ll usually know if you mainly want them for their body rather than their brains and/or personality.

Also, I personally find that if I’m mainly interested in a woman purely because of her appearance it takes some serious skill and determination to get her back to my place. It’s just plain hard work to hook up with someone when you have little in common.

But, if a girl amazes me and the conversation between us flows effortlessly, is doesn’t seem to matter what obstacles, reasons or problems are thrown in the way. We seem to end up in bed together. She’s also far more likely to make me really happy and to become my girlfriend or at least an important person in my life.

Most Women Do NOT Want To Meet Their Boyfriend In Bars Or Online

Women want to be able to share a “swept of my feet romance novel style” story of how she met her boyfriend.

That story doesn’t usually begin with, “Oh, well he sent me this kinda cute message on Tinder”.

Most desirable women would also rather not have to explain that she met her boyfriend (much less the father of her children!) in a boozy meat market bar at 1 o’clock in the morning.

Men Out Number Attractive Women Online & In Bars, So It’s Statistically Way Harder To Be Successful

Many beautiful girls with a life, an education, interests and a career hardly have the time or inclination to go to bars and clubs at all.

If they do head to a bar or club it’s often just to dance, soak up all the attention and/or to hang out with their friends.

Even then, you’ll usually only find the really beautiful women at frighteningly elitist, guest list, expensive venues or even more so at gay/bi friendly places.

Why? Because most desirably women do not want to meet strange guys at bars and clubs. Even if you talk for hours and get a number they’ll probably flake on you. They don’t take you seriously and because of the stigma around meeting random dudes in bars, they’re extremely unlikely show up on a date. Even if you happen to look like Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling!

Online dating is even worse. On internet dating sites, even average looking girls get dozens (maybe even hundreds) of men emailing them every single day.

These are not good odds gents!


Here’s My Personal Favourite

Bookshops are by far my personal favourite place to meet interesting, fun, attractive women! A lot of interesting and intelligent people go to bookshops to pass the time. I believe there is an almost an implied acceptance of socialisation in book stores, similar to bars.

This make it incredibly easy to approach attractive women and start long, enjoyable conversations. Most clients on my 3 Day Bootcamps are astonished how easy it is to meet attractive women in bookstores. Clients are also surprised that, once they practiced the skills with my Female Coaches so they know exactly how to approach, women in bookstores are friendly, responsive and eager to go on dates.

So, why not approach that sublime creature while she’s killing time in the travel section? No Versace clad, steroid munching doormen, bitchy friends or deafening music to overcome. No $15-20 drinks to buy. Just a comfy cafe nearby and a whole world of topics and ideas to talk about!

Meeting Women In The Day Time Requires Much More Skill

Please note, confidently meeting women you see in the day usually takes vastly more skill than in a bar or online. Girls are expecting to be interrupted and have strange guys talk to them at bars – not so much during the day.

If happen to make a dick of yourself approaching a girl at a bar (and we all have) it doesn’t really matter that much, she just figures you’ve drunk too much, quickly forgets about it and no one really minds.

But, if you happen to make a dick of yourself approaching a woman at a cafe, shopping centre, gym or bookstore it’s way more painful and awkward for everyone. And sometimes, because of this, some women can be really cruel.

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