Video: The Key To Success With Women


James: A lot of really hot girls the first thing they do is reject you just to see what happens. Particularly the Russian girls, they love to reject men 30 or 40 times and see if he’s still there. Then they sleep with you.

If I’ve got six nervous students with me and I’ve got to go do an approach and their nervous energy’s getting me like a microwave and it’s really loud and noisy or something and I just can’t do it. I can’t do it, I just go, “what would Steve Irwin do?”.

He’d just walk over and go *approaching Rebecca with lots of energy* “Hey how you doing? What’s happening?” He’d just swallow them with energy, and probably the single biggest asset you can have in getting better with women is your energy.

If you want to take a girl back into your bedroom for the first time and she’s nervous about it, you’ve got to be just throwing energy on her, talking to her, touching her, trying to distract her from the fact that she’s likely to be having sex with a new man for the first time. If you want to approach a girl in a bookstore, you need some energy. If you want to approach a girl in a bar or nightclub you need mountains of energy. So a lot of what the community refers to as “shit tests” can be defeated with energy.

That’s a great question. In my opinion, success with women is a balance between competence–how good your conversation skills are, how big the distance is, what your eye contact’s like, how quickly you touch her, how well you handle her friends–all stuff I spend lots of time teaching on the Bootcamp. Thats 50% of the game. The other 50% is energy.

I know guys with mountains of energy who aren’t very good with women, who don’t have very good jobs, who aren’t very good looking, who get laid like rockstars. Because they just go *with lots of energy* “hey how are you doing?” They’re just throwing energy at the girl all the time. I know guys who get this seduction thing like a perfect algorithm and have got a lot going for them, but they never get anywhere because they don’t have energy.

So energy is your biggest asset. Does that answer your question?