Top 3 Skills To Keep Conversations Going: Part 1

Listening intently on a coffee date

What is the number one piece of advice I give to most of my clients?

What is the most effective way to make someone like you and trust you?

What is a crucial skill in becoming a great salesman, professional adviser, friend, partner, lover, boss or parent?

What is the fastest and most powerful way to understand someone’s desires and motivations and win them over to your way of thinking?

What skill has brought me the most beautiful, interesting and desirable girls of my life?

What is the most important skill in transferring from routines to natural approach?


I find many clients who take Bootcamps are poor listeners. Sometimes the worst listeners are the ones confident in approaching at night. Perhaps this is a routines/community thing, with guys just so caught up in themselves and what they are going to say or do next, or maybe just dominating the interaction “alpha style.”

It becomes painfully obvious in day interactions, especially in bookstores. When my client is in a standing interaction, I often grab a book and sit on the floor, right along side. I am so low down it is like I am not even there. I can often see and hear everything, giving vastly better feedback than at night time.

What is usually my feedback?

“Listen! Listen carefully to what she is saying”.

Many people remark in their first attempts at natural approaches that it can be really uncomfortable for at least a minute or so. Well good, that is what happens to normal people when a complete stranger comes up and starts talking with them with a normal reason, it does feel awkward at first. You’ve just got to confidently and competently persist through this.

The most important thing in transitioning from routines-based to a natural approach is effective listening!

Get out of your head and into hers!