The New Way To Teach ‘Pick Up’

James coaching a client how to approach two women

Is your social and sex life everything you dreamt it could be?

Some of my students are now really living their wildest dreams, while others are getting close.

The huge improvements I have witnessed in my student’s lives is something that makes me incredibly proud. Still my Bootcamps then were a long way from what I was really capable of doing for you over a weekend.

As with most things in life – practice makes perfect and I have evolved so much as a “Seduction Coach” over the past 5 years. Let me take you back to the way I used to teach Bootcamps. I followed the typical teaching structure followed by most of the ‘Pick Up’ industry.

The Old Way

Meet, lecture on theory, demonstration, ‘sarge’, de-brief, analyse. Repeat.

So, we’d meet on a Friday afternoon. You’d get a chance to size me up and blurt out some nervous chit-chat. You’re still skeptical at this point if this James character has anything of real value to offer or if you’re just wasting your time and money. After introductions I’d give the group a lecture – some basic theory on pick-up. We’d then go our separate ways – shower, eat and in your case begin to panic about the night ahead.

Soon you’d find yourself in a bar. Then comes that moment you’d been dreading – your first approach of the night (sometimes ever!). A few of you had natural flare – some of you just totally bomb. In either case, we forged ahead getting in as much ‘practice’ as possible.

I managed to make this method of teaching work. After an intense weekend together many of my students were “changed men” by Sunday evening. However, I knew I was capable of giving you so much more from your weekend if I could run things the way I wanted.

My Bootcamps were always at the mercy of the ‘Attractive Girls in Bars God’ – sometimes he blessed us, other times he was not at all accommodating. Even in the quietest venues it was a challenge for some of you to get a solid conversation going and even then I couldn’t hear a word of it! And I’m telling you it can be a challenge to coach a guy on his conversation skills when I haven’t a clue what is being said. You had the same issue to contend with when you watched me demonstrate. Can you really learn to surf well yourself simply by watching a Pro ride a few big waves? Not likely.

The big chance for quality, personalised coaching really came during our bookstore sessions. Here I could sit nearby and see and hear what went on without disturbing your interaction too much. If you were among the few that managed to pin down a hot girl browsing for a novel – while I was loitering nearby – you would have received more great coaching from that single interaction than I could give you the rest of the weekend.

Only when I could see and hear everything you are doing could you get the full benefit of my coaching.

And this is precisely why I have radically changed the way I now teach my Bootcamps.

The New Way

There is more throwing you in the deep end with little more than a lecture and a demonstration to help you. No more struggling to see and hear your interaction in a loud crowded bar. Or me praying for hot girls in a bookstore to really be able to ‘coach’ you properly. My Bootcamps these days are longer, smarter and are getting way better results – fast!

How is this possible?

7 Key Reasons

1. You get two, full time coaches…

And coach Number 2 is a cute as a button, 20-something bubbly Female Trainer. You’ll get a real female perspective on seduction, plus the invaluable feedback, advice and coaching from a member of your actual target market.

2. We bring many cute girls to you…

So, you can practice your approaches over and over again before you try to talk to girls in bar. We run an all-day Friday Approaching Workshop to perfect your approaches; mechanics, energy, style, touching and conversation skills.

You will do least 50 approaches while my Female Trainer and I study you from 4 feet away. 8 hours of practicing your approach and conversation skills on girls and getting our individualised feedback. That’s a lot better than just a lecture and a demo or two, eh?

I believe competence leads to confidence. That’s why we meticulously breakdown every component of your ‘game’. We get your sticking points handled and your bad approaches out in the comfort of a classroom.

Our drills and exercises with the Female Trainer rebuild you into a confident man who knows how to start an enjoyable conversation with beautiful women in a wide variety of situations.

3. We teach social skills and seduction skills!

You will learn how to meet and begin sexual relationships with attractive women.

A Bootcamp is not just approaching and learning how to have fun conversations.

I’ve developed exercises and drills skills with Female Trainers to teach you:

  • Social intelligence (Become ‘cool’ simply by understanding social interactions)
  • Body language (Project confidence and read which girls are interested in you)
  • Energy or state management
  • What’s going on in a woman’s mind while you’re seducing her
  • Approaching; bars, standing, sitting, shops, public transport, bookstores et al
  • Conversation structure
  • Rapport building skills – verbal and non-verbal
  • Social touch (Kino)
  • Advanced Eye Contact– How to take charge – take action and lead the seduction
  • Seductive touch
  • How to set up solid dates she’ll show up to
  • How to plan your date and logistics to get girls back to your place
  • How to make things sexual once in your lounge room
  • How to ‘close’ in the bedroom (Demonstration)
  • Sex skills and female fantasies (Workshop)

4. We give you a workshop on ‘Sex Skills and Female Fantasies’…

We teach you the skills and impart the knowledge to help you to give girls a wonderful experience once you’ve got them into your bedroom. I have never understood why guys spend all this time working on ‘pick up’ skills and little time learning how to pleasure the girls they do get.

A lack of seduction and sex skills can be the biggest block in improving your approaching, conversation and dating performance.

Why? Because if you aren’t certain of your skills in the bedroom you are missing out on the chance to have real and unshakeable confidence with women.

Guys who have little ability between the sheets must feel like cheap salesman trying to sell a terrible product to whoever is stupid or naive enough to by it. And women can sense this.

5. We teach you to seduce women the way most women actually want to be seduced with our ’20 Step – 10 Habit Method’….

This is common sense seduction that works.

It is a simple framework that takes you all the way from first noticing a girl to leading her by the hand to your bedroom. It is based on eye contact, touch, social skills and helping you to try to understand women.

It comes from years of coaching all over the world and closely following my student’s progress as well as my own long personal journey. It draws from disciplines like acting, meditation and sales training.

6. We’ve doubled your coaching time!

This is now a 36 hour Bootcamp. There is a maximum of 3 students per teacher (usually more). So we have the time to really get to know you and understand your issues and sticking points. You will practice the things we teach repeatedly until the skills become part of who you are, not just new knowledge.

Students say it is an amazing, but gruelling weekend and they are totally wiped out on Monday. But hey, what would you expect? We are shifting the unhelpful beliefs and habits you’ve accumulated over a lifetime and replacing them with a powerful new skill-set and outlook tailored perfectly to you.

8. You get a comprehensive post Bootcamp coaching and support program…

We do not get you all hyped for one weekend and then never talk to you to again. So much of your progress is dependent on our ongoing support.? We give you optional phone coaching sessions after 1, 3, 6 and 12 months at no extra charge. We also organise a raft of ongoing seminars, phone coaching sessions on specific topics and Q&A dinners to offer you additional training. We try help guys meet like minded wings.

Numerous strong friendships have formed from introductions I’ve made within my client base. The community of my former students has spawned my most extreme success stories.

We are incredibly passionate about helping you transform your life like we have done for many other guys. We are here to support you in your journey.

These 7 changes make all the difference, but just remember my humble ‘Old Way’ of coaching produced the 80+ glowing Bootcamp reviews from guys just like you who spent a weekend with me. There are also many ridiculous success stories told by my students 12 months later.

With my ‘New Way’, students are now better with women before they even make their first real approach on the Friday night, than the guys I coached just a year ago were when saying goodbye to me on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve seen some of my ‘New Way’ students a month after their Bootcamp. They are like different people in the same body. The uncertain guy they used to be has disappeared.

I haven’t just improved or modified the way I coach you. I have revolutionised it.