The Harder To F**k, The Harder To Date


So I’m teaching you how to meet women, how to really quickly build an intellectual and emotional connection with them, and then very, very, very smoothly run them through some sort of process that ends in sex.

Now obviously you get to sleep with a lot more women, you get to sleep with a lot more attractive women, but you also go into the relationship as a man and one of the huge problems particularly in Sydney, LA, New York, Melbourne, probably most western cities around the world is the woman is in complete control of the relationship particularly in instances where the guy had some money.

So you know, guy gets the most beautiful woman he can get and she gets the highest status guy she can get and they don’t really have that much in common, they’re just whatever fate dropped in front of them that looked the best and they ended up marrying and having kids and its a complete fucking disaster, that’s why so many of us are miserable.

I’m a very big advocate of trying to do things much faster, because I can tell you based upon a reasonably large sample size The Harder To F**k, The Harder To Date. And particularly if you’re getting women over 23, 24 I think that’s even truer.

If they’re sort of testing you and throwing all these things at you to see how you’ll respond when you’re seducing them, my God, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of problems if you’re going to spend time with them.

And by doing what I tell you you’re immediately going into the relationship as a man and she’s like “this guy can get a lot of other girls, I’ve got to please him, I’ve got to be sweet for him, I’ve got to be like a (sorry about the analogy) 50’s, 60’s housewife, I’ve got to be the best in bed, in some cases I’ve got to go get him other girls”.

You can really set up that sort of thing! I’ve got clients who text me all the time, one guy has got 5 bisexual girlfriends and he was a meathead before the Bootcamp, but yeah, it’s just because he leads, and he leads so aggressively. And you’ve got to be prepared that not everyone’s up for it and be respectful to that, but yeah, it’s very, very powerful.

Ok, there’s 2 Sorts of Women (in the world), I’m going to cover this in a bit more detail.

There’s girls who want you know a fun exciting guy who’s going to sweep them off their feet and make them happy and there’s women who want some compliant easy-to-manipulate white collar professional or business owner who makes reasonable money who they can control for the rest of their life.

Then if you believe the evolutionary psychology and genetic testing they’re going to go off and have kids with some rockstar and the poor accountant is going to have to bring them up. Anyway I’m getting carried away here but that happens a lot, I’m going to cover that in another section. Everyone’s nodding, yeah.

If you ever see kids that don’t look anything like the rest of the family that was the big muscly greek milkman who knocked up the programmers wife. Oh they don’t have milkmen these days do they, I’ve gotta update my references. Whatever it is, the pool cleaner or tennis coach or something, ok the milkman’s been replaced by the personal trainer, sorry.

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