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How A 43 Year Old Divorced IT Guy Went From Spending $30K A Year On Alcohol With No Success To Seeing Multiple Beautiful Young Women At The Same Time


So I’m 43. I’m in IT. I’ve got a couple of degrees in banking, finance and IT.

I’ve got an amazing little family of a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. We’re best friends. I’m very close with them.

Yeah. I get divorced after fifteen years and I knew nothing even after fifteen years of being married. So, trying to meet girls with the same old problems and, you know, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to start interesting conversations.

I could feel girls were interested but I just had no idea how to get started. It felt pretty frustrating just to go out and to see these women and feel like they were unattainable. It’s pretty demoralising. And then on the back of it, you’re just drinking copious amounts and ending up with bigger and bigger hang overs and probably spent more than thirty grand in the first 12 months.

I’ve always found it easy to make friends. I found it easy to be with my family and I love looking after my kids. It’s always felt weird that I haven’t been able to build a relationship with a woman because of the fact that I couldn’t approach and say, “Hello”, and start a decent conversation. It always felt like a massive weakness in my life and it’s made me feel like I was weird.

So yeah, I found…I was lucky…I had been looking on the internet for 12 months and I found James. And the first thing I read was the “Fingertip Test” and I actually used that and it was like dynamite. I used it on a few girls and I knew after the first 2 or 3 times I used it that I just had to come meet you because it was just so good.

The most valuable lesson I learned while on the Bootcamp was that the skills are learnable and they’re very easy, very easy to learn. And they’re very basic. Basically, everything you need is already inside of you, it’s just that you really help strip away the egotistical bullshit and that cockiness and all of that sort of crap. And just walk up and start talking about what she likes and I find out if she’s interesting. I know the word natural has been a bit overused but it just feels natural. It’s natural human conversation about what we’re interested in and are you interesting.

Yeah, I like the way that James teaches the Bootcamp. He’s got these incredibly, good looking models. Very friendly. Very beautiful people, as well. They come in with no judgement. It takes away all the nervousness and it helps, kind of, desensitise you to the internal anxiety that you’ve got and makes you realise it’s bullshit anyway. So, it’s very smooth, the transition from the classroom to actually going out and talking to beautiful girls in a public situation. It feels like it’s made a big difference and all.

Post Bootcamp, my life has completely changed for the better. I’ve seen multiple girls. Having multiple sexual partners. Having threesomes. These are the things that I didn’t think were possible 12 months ago.

I’ve just stopped worrying about it and just start wondering, “Okay. What’s the next girl going to look like?”. Because they’re just getting hotter and more interesting. It’s definitely awesome.

And these skills are all learnable. What you’re going to learn over the 3 days will just blow your mind. When someone teaches you, actually starts you in the right direction and doing the right things, you realise how easy it is. Just meeting better quality women who are actually interesting and who actually approve your life rather than detract from your life.

I definitely feel better as a person. I’m happier about that. This is personal development on steroids, going up and meeting girls.

The Bootcamp for me was overcoming a load of self-limiting beliefs that were just bullshit. James and the trainers just helped me dispel that and see life for what it really is which is abundance. It teaches you a whole set of skills that will change your life with women and the world in general.

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