Secret To Dating Multiple Women


Question from audience: When do you tell them (women) that you’re not interested in a relationship?

James: The girls may disagree with me, but I don’t tell them at all. I wait until they ask me and then I’m like, “Oh God. Listen, there’s this girl Debbie who I see also. Um, do you like girls by any chance (jokingly)”. No, don’t do that.

*Audience laughs*

James: No, I’m just very honest. And like Rebecca said, I reiterate you’re beautiful, you’re intelligent, you’re funny, I have such a good time with you. I might do the, sort of, I’m just not a a place right now where I want a full time, serious girlfriend. There’s always an excuse; I’m working to hard, I’m studying to hard, I just got out of a relationship. Pick something that is true or at least has truth in it. But yeah, you stick your dick in a girl there is no implied contract of a relationship. And guys have to get that through their heads.