Case Study

How A Lonely Bald 5’6″ Project Manager Went From Being Single 80% Of The Time To Having 4 Beautiful Girlfriends At The Same Time

So I’m 36. I’m working as a project manager.

One of the ways that the Bootcamp had improved my life was being able to go from you know dating one girl a year who might be a five or six to dating several you know three or four girls at the same time, who are amazing and eights and nines and its incredible even to think. Thinking back a couple of years ago to where I am now, that I’d be able to date these women.

Some of the lessons that I’ve learned on this journey are that you don’t have to be exceptionally attractive to be with beautiful women. All you need is really the skills. Once you’ve been properly trained the speed in which you learn the skills is phenomenal. 

Before social coach it would probably be something like probably something like 78% single. It was actually quite difficult to get a date. 

If somebody told me then that I would be dating four amazing beautiful women at the same time, there’s no way I would have believed them.

Some of the girls that I have been seeing have been these amazing women. Really bright, really intelligent, beautiful. Most of them professionals. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to get to a point where I can meet my life partner. Which has been really inspiring and encouraging and after having done Bootcamp I sort of feel I have the skills to lead a happy healthy life. Just makes a huge difference and of course it makes you feel great.

Yeah, for a guy who 36, small build, not very tall you wouldn’t expect me to be able to handle three or four women at the same time.

I’m eternally grateful to James and his whole coaching team for being able to get me here to this point. It’s been an absolutely amazing journey, an amazing ride for me. I had a great experience. I’ve really sort of matured and grown as a man and as a person since I’ve met James and attended his Bootcamp.

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