How To Avoid Rejection – Part 2

Many guys learning to improve their social and seduction skills actually ruin their chances by making the wrong approaches. Some approaches are doomed from the start and do nothing but demonstrate your lack of social intelligence to every woman in the room. This short video, with our female dating coaches Rebecca and Lisa,  runs you through a couple of approaches [read more…]

Building Attraction, Demonstrating Value

Men’s Dating Coach James shares the 3 questions he asks women in bars. The key is to lead the conversation to things you want the girl to talk about/you are interested in. If you can’t connect on at least 1 common interest, move on! TRANSCRIPT James: Building attraction, demonstrating value, you know, banter, fueling a conversation. [read more…]

When Not To Approach Women

James speaking to Lisa: Could you sit and model with Rebecca a conversation you’d have if you were really into each other in the conversation and you don’t want to be disturbed? *Lisa and Rebecca model this type of interaction* James: Now, unless you’re a loser pick up artist with a stupid hat and a [read more…]

The New Way To Teach ‘Pick Up’

Is your social and sex life everything you dreamt it could be? Some of my students are now really living their wildest dreams, while others are getting close. The huge improvements I have witnessed in my student’s lives is something that makes me incredibly proud. Still my Bootcamps then were a long way from what [read more…]

How To Improve Your Eye Contact

The most subtle, powerful and sophisticated way to “hit on” a woman and communicate your romantic interest is just to shut up and hold her eye contact longer than is normally socially acceptable. I hear so many theories and “techniques” about how to get a girl interested in you or how to trigger a great conversation or [read more…]

11 Dating Tips For Aussie Men From A Rich, Beautiful Russian Bikini Girl

Dating this Russian girl taught me more about being a man with women than everything in the dating industry combined. Here is some of her advice for us wussy American, English and Canadian men: “In Russia, a man who cannot come up to a strange girl and start talking to her is a loser. He is nothing. It does [read more…]

Secret To Dating Multiple Women

TRANSCRIPT Question from audience: When do you tell them (women) that you’re not interested in a relationship? James: The girls may disagree with me, but I don’t tell them at all. I wait until they ask me and then I’m like, “Oh God. Listen, there’s this girl Debbie who I see also. Um, do you [read more…]

Top 3 Skills To Keep Conversations Going: Part 3

Following on from Part 2 of this series–while you are learning to listen well–don’t be afraid of or put-off by silence. Don’t answer the urge to fill every nanosecond with whatever pops into your head. You must become comfortable with silence. Learn to use it to keep her talking, a sure sign of power and confidence [read more…]

Top 3 Skills To Keep Conversations Going: Part 2

In most interactions people will give out “bonus information”, or new “threads” as one of my clients calls it, in their answers to your questions. Bonus information is usually facts or opinions given over and above those needed to directly answer to a question. For instance: Q. How are you today? A. Really well. I [read more…]

Top 3 Skills To Keep Conversations Going: Part 1

What is the number one piece of advice I give to most of my clients? What is the most effective way to make someone like you and trust you? What is a crucial skill in becoming a great salesman, professional adviser, friend, partner, lover, boss or parent? What is the fastest and most powerful way [read more…]