Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Men’s Dating Coach James: There’s 3 points, but I just want to make a very important point. There’s two guys. This is guy one: now, he sees Rebecca and he think she’s cute, she actually looks over and he’s like “oh man that girl’s cute. Do you think she’s looking at me? Oh yeah, look [read more…]

James Interviewed At 21 Convention

The beautiful redhead Marilee from The 21 Convention Melbourne, interviewed James about… How to Sweep Beautiful Women Off Their Feet & Into Bed With Date Planning How To Find A Great Girlfriend & Keep Her Attracted To You Can You Lie To Women & Get Away With It? The video is now up on YouTube. We think [read more…]

The Secret To Life: Memento Mori

You notice a cute girl… You see a beautiful girl look at you for a full 2 seconds. She quickly looks away and then darts her eye straight back to you for a moment. So what goes through your mind? “What if she doesn’t want to talk to me?” “What should I say to her?” [read more…]

James’ Dating Tips On National TV – Sunrise Interview

Dating Coach and relationship expert James was recently invited to appear on Australia’s Number 1 morning show, Sunrise. He was interviewed by David Koch and Samantha Armytage on dating tips for singles looking for love in 2013.

The #1 Mistake You Make Approaching In Bars

If you want to approach hot women in bars you need to be careful you’re not bringing their energy down. If you’ve ever been out with 2 or more beautiful women you’d have noticed they are usually the center of attention and attract huge amounts of energy from everyone around them. So many guys, particularly [read more…]

My Simple Trick To Date The World’s Hottest Women

Want to know a ridiculously simple, easy to learn trick that’s helped me meet, date and have sex with so many of the most beautiful women I’ve seen on the earth? And got me big discounts, upgrades, larger servings and made me many friends. Well it’s often the little things in life that separate the [read more…]

A Story To Explain Why Women Are Rude To You

A story about why beautiful women can be rude to you… I stared directly into the Indian cab drivers eyes and bellowed… “Listen buddy, my friend here is a 95kg cage fighter. He could kill you and me in 30 seconds, if he really wanted to. So don’t you go taking him on a f***ing [read more…]

Video: The Key To Success With Women

TRANSCRIPT James: A lot of really hot girls the first thing they do is reject you just to see what happens. Particularly the Russian girls, they love to reject men 30 or 40 times and see if he’s still there. Then they sleep with you. If I’ve got six nervous students with me and I’ve [read more…]

Are All Aussie Men Cowards?

Is This Your Dream Girl She’s a 5’9”, 23 year old French Belgian brunette with huge luminous green eyes. Her mouth is enormous and you’d be hard pushed to find fuller lips on a white woman, anywhere. If she directs a full blown smile your way your heart will skip a beat. Her skin and [read more…]

How Stephen Covey Will Get You Laid

Sadly, author and management consultant Stephen Covey just passed away–aged 79. He is famous for The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (7 Habits), which must be one of the 5 greatest “self help” books of the last century. I’m not aware of any single volume that contains more timeless wisdom. And if you were only to [read more…]