Happy Clients – Ryan – Video

“I can definitely see a lot of abundance in the future with women and lot of freedom I think…
The best thing was all with the physical exercises with the trainers, just all the physical exercises and the constant repetition and then the feedback after that as well…
I would easily pay more for the Bootcamp. I’ve had the most amazing experience in one weekend.”

Name: Ryan
Age: 30
Occupation: IT Consultant & Personal Trainer
Location: Sydney, Australia


The best thing about the Bootcamp?

The best way I guess I can I explain it, it’s almost like seeing the Matrix.

What was your life like before?

I think with women there’s a lot of confusion I guess like misreading signals and after doing the Bootcamp you kind of recall back to all the experiences we had and you’re thinking, Jeez why didn’t I do this, why didn’t I do that. Its nice to have the whole structure and process because in fact a lot of times I think back to all the opportunities I’ve missed because I didn’t know the actual process or the structure and it is a lot of hitting and missing, sometimes you hit but you don’t know why, and sometimes you miss you don’t know why.

I think after doing the Bootcamp it’s actually nice to have that structure in place, so yeah, before Bootcamp, a lot of confusion, a lot guessing, a lot of frustration with women definitely.

What’s your life like after the Bootcamp?

I think it is quite spectacular just having that structure in place, you must feel that a lot of it’s ingrained to your subconscious. So you, even going out to the bars, you’re literally on autopilot, so I think what is going to be really cool is my life’s going to be really, I guess you would say like an abundance mentality. So normally you’re thinking “where are the hot women?” and “where are the females?” and stuff, and then after doing the Bootcamp you can literally see that they are everywhere so you never really open up your eyes that much.

I can definitely see a lot of abundance in the future with women and lot of freedom I think. I think freedom is probably the biggest thing. So it’s nice to have that freedom in that area of my life and not having to worry about it, I think’s a very cool thing.

Best thing about the Bootcamp?

Best thing was all with the physical exercises with the trainers. Going out to the bars and the book stores were good. I guess learning all the, practicing all the exercises and the repetition probably helped the most, because when you do go out in the real world and practice by yourself it almost feels like you’re practicing with the trainers. So I think the learning process was a lot faster with that.

Watching Jamie demonstrate and also Rebecca and Adile and Davida as well and then having it demonstrated onto you, so you know what it feels like. I think that’s probably the two most powerful parts of the Bootcamp, just all the physical exercises with the trainers and the constant repetition and then the feedback after that as well, I thought that was really cool.

How happy are you about doing it?

I’m very happy, very glad. I guess it is is a big relief. Before I came to the Bootcamp you’re sort of thinking will I get everything I came here to get, and I think the most amazing part was I actually got more than what I expected and I think that is really amazing.

It’s three grand for three days. Talk about the value for money…

In terms of value for money, I mean, like, I’ve been thinking it is quite a lot of money, but in comparison to what you learn I think you literally save, they always say time is money. And I think what I learned in this four day boot camp I probably could’ve still been struggling with it for another two to three to four to five years, who knows; so that pales in comparison to $3000 or $4000 it’s a very very tiny amount of money, I mean the value for money is just huge, because you get a lot of those “Aha!” moments and if no-one points it out to you, I mean who knows how long it would have taken. So yeah, the money is absolutely nothing, I think having the experience and the knowledge, that outweighs the money. I would easily pay more for the boot camp.

With the human experience, we learn best in two sort of methods, because I do public speaking myself and with Toastmasters I learn very fast in a very very short amount of time; and the reason why is because you, as human beings, we learn in two ways, we learn by watching other human beings do an action, so it is kind of like monkeys, monkey see monkey do. So when we see another human being do an action we tend to adopt the habits and mimic it subconsciously. So that’s the one way is just to watch and the other way is just to practice, so when you combine those two together with evaluation and feedback.

So the boot camp is combining the two most, I think, powerful pieces of learning, like all in a three to four day boot camp and that for was me was what I think will make the information and an exercises stick for a lot longer. With public speaking because I learnt in that way, I watched other great speakers and then I practiced it and then I got the feedback and I kept repeating that process. I’m ended up being quite good in 9 months.

I think even just having this four day Bootcamp with the repetition of exercises that is probably worth six to twelve months of just randomly going to book stores and bars and approaching because sometimes you just don’t understand what the actual process is. So I think that’s probably the best thing about the boot camp, you combine the two most powerful elements of learning onto one piece and I think that is why it gets lodged in the subconscious and also the conscious. The two parts is first of all you demonstrated the exercises so we could actually visually see what we need to do and then we actually have to go practice it. So we see, monkey see monkey do, we learn by the subconscious habits and then the second piece was actually practicing and then repetition.

So that is the two most powerful pieces, I think for me and with the human experience, two most powerful pieces of learning. I think learning, I think the epiphanies probably, well going out clubbing was quite good and applying the processes. I think the epiphanies you get during boot camps are probably the highlights of the actual boot camp. I think my biggest highlight was learning about my projection onto women, so normally I project a very friendly vibe, and I can get rapport, I could never project that really masculine seductive energy, I could never figure out what it was and you could ask a lot of people who were good with women, but they could never tell you. They would just say, be a man or something like that.

So practicing with Rebecca and the other trainers and actually experiencing what it is like to project that energy just to the female trainers and then you can actually feel the energy, I think that is really cool. So you know, it’s not fake, and then when you go out to the bars and practice the same thing you’re thinking yeah, it’s kind of like a superpower. So you know, evaluating stuff I think was the highlight of the whole Bootcamp. I’ve had the most amazing experience in one weekend where you learn so much about yourself and women in your life.

Confused, stressed out, misguided, annoyed and stressed by women, right?

This only happens because you don’t know the secrets, and would you be amazed to know that the secrets, it’s as simple as a few steps, that if you knew these secret few steps you could have anything you want, and if you apply these few steps, no matter what situation or whom you talk to, it will work every single time. What would that freedom give you and what would it bring into your life and how would you feel about it?

“Aha!” moments?

I’d say probably one of the highlights was the what Jamie calls the escalation dance, the best thing is actually having Rebecca demonstrate as she was a guy onto myself. So you actually understand in your head what it is like to be the woman and what it feels like and how the confidence has been like. That was probably one of the big “Aha!” moments. So when you have it onto you, you know how to actually execute it properly. Another big “Aha!” moment was, like I said before, how to project the masculine sexual energy and I think it is just kind of a really just a lot of more to do. I think having a structure in place is really important not getting to a stalemate. So having a structure allows you self evaluate during interaction so you can actually say I’m at step one, step two, and step three and then you kind of know where to take it from there. And probably the last “Aha!” moment I think, I mean just having fun and having a lot of fun and energy, that’s probably a really big one. I think a lot of people if they just bring up the energy really really high. Yes, Jamie, Rebecca, and the other trainers really know how to do that, yeah I think this should be definitely more successful, so I think that’s probably my main “Aha!” moments.

If you have a friend who you think would really benefit from it what would you say?

The best way like I can explain it, it’s almost like seeing the Matrix, you sort of see the life in the veil or this cloud, you sort, or filter I guess, and you think this is how the world actually is and you know a lot of it was propagated by mainstream media and you know, you sort of think that a lot of your own failures are due to your own, like, either insecurities or due to your own maybe your identity or lack in some part of yourself, and you feel that for quite a long time.

So you know when you watch the Matrix, it’s almost like bringing that veil down, I’d ask them to think about the Matrix and consider the reality of how their life really is compared to how they want it to be and yeah I think it’s just having that really compelling vision really, would you rather be stuck having life averagely successful, would you rather have an abundant and successful life, you know just think about and dream about having that freedom.

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