Happy Clients – Roger – Video

“World class… it’s more than coaching, it’s inspiration.
Very professional, very experienced, huge resources to draw on in terms of experience and understanding…
Don’t think about can you afford to do it, can you afford not to do it?”

Name: Roger
Age: 48
Occupation: Senior Lecturer of Computer Science
Location: Sydney, Australia


How would you describe the Bootcamp?

World class dating relationship, it’s more than coaching, it’s inspiration. Very professional, very experienced, huge resources to draw on in terms of experience and understanding.

Best thing about the Bootcamp?

Well the biggest thing for me was, by a million miles, going to the Ivy and opening for the first time. Walking up to girls and starting talking to them for the first time ever in my life. I’ve never done that.

So you know in Silicon Valley they have this thing, you go from zero to one, the biggest thing is going from zero to one, after you go to one you multiply and repeat, but zero to one and so that was you know, I mean everything else has been great but if I had to pick one thing that was it. It was like a quantum shift.

I was saying to the guys when we were out talking, I’d known of you for a few years because I’d read Wayne Elise’s book way back and I’d sort of got sold on that you guys were doing, probably the right, doing it the right way and then, so it’d always been on my mind, hey this top guy’s actually in Sydney wow. But then because of my divorce I had no money for it maybe up until last year, no time, but one thing I thought is, so I thought yeah this is probably the right thing to do, you’re probably the right guy and then I thought hang on, he’s got these Female Trainers, what’s all that about? Because I’d never read anything about that, it’s like oh ok, and I actually think that’s a stroke of genius. I really think it’s so, it’s so, it’s such an obvious thing once you’ve done it, but before, you know, you think why but it is so important because you know, guys together say “oh, well, you know, touch her like this and do that” but if you’ve got approach anxiety you’re scared of women. Doesn’t matter, you know, tall, short, whatever, you’re scared of them. You’re scared to touch them, you don’t know, if I touch her is she going to hit me or freak out or, so when you say go and touch her and you touch one of your trainers it’s just so important to have that experience.

Value for money?

Oh well actually yeah, that was big, when I was divorced I, you know, I had to be very, very careful with money, I was paying off a lot of debt, you know, I couldn’t buy clothes, I couldn’t buy CD’s, I couldn’t buy anything so it took me a long time to actually save the money because I had to buy a house and renovate it so I didn’t have any money but it was always on my mind to do this and then I saw your interview with Sam and I thought “everyone’s going to realise how good this guy is, the price is going to go up! I better get in there!”

And then, but the bottom line is a great friend of mine I knew a long time ago in Glasgow in Scotland, he had this line it was “don’t think about can you afford to do it, can you afford not to do it?” and the answer to that is no, I can’t afford not to work on this stuff so yeah definitely.

How will the Bootcamp alter your life?

Well it already has, it’s already changed it. It’s made me realise that a lot of the things I thought about women and interacting with them were completely wrong and a lot of things that I wouldn’t have thought were ever in my potential future are maybe now in my potential future, if that’s not too vague.

I said to Rebecca when you dropped me off on Friday night I felt I’d known her for yonks, I could not believe that, you know, seven thirty that morning I’d dropped my daughter, you know, I’d got up, had breakfast, taken my daughter to school and then I don’t know what it was, twelve o-clock or something we dropped her off, it’s like, this is like a lifetime has happened in one day. It’s unbelievable.

Yeah you’ve clearly worked on this an awful lot and there’s always something coming up, you know you don’t stay stuck on one thing, you keep going, there’s always something new, you keep pushing us, go and do it again so yeah it’s yeah.

Think of a friend who would benefit from this training. What would you say to him?

You really don’t believe this about yourself but you have to do this because there are things inside of you that will be revealed if you do this that you could go the rest of your life never knowing about yourself and it will just make so much sense to you and it will just help you in so many areas.

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