“This Should Be Part Of The School Curriculum”

“It should be part of the school curriculum, I honestly believe that. It should be provided for males worldwide.
[The best thing is] actually getting feedback and getting thought processes from women being the trainers and “oh this is how we’re thinking”, it really fills me with confidence.
My whole life is going to be transformed dramatically.”

Name: Patrick
Age: 33
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Location: Sydney, Australia


How will the Bootcamp change your life?

Look I think that my life has changed now, it really has and I see things a lot differently now. I’m also a realist as well knowing that I have to put into practice this and, you know, I’m really committed to doing that because I know if I do do this, the spins off to all sorts of areas of my life is going to be massive.

This sort of stuff, yeah I didn’t, I wasn’t taught, I didn’t know about it and I think that if I commit to this like an exercise programme or anything, put the same level of commitment and intensity into it then my whole life is going to be transformed dramatically.

Value for money?

In terms of value for money it was, it’s hard to even say. I have a favourite saying, well not a favourite saying, there’s a saying that I learned some time ago that some people know the price of everything but the value of nothing. This course, the price of this course was a lot for me, a lot of money and I was sceptical at first of paying that but the value that it’s given me and the tools that it’s provided for me is going to multiply further down the track. Not that I want to put any monetary value on how much it will bring back but the investment that I made – and that’s what it was, an investment – is real value. So yeah, fantastic value.

Think of a friend who would benefit from this training. What would you say to him?

I’d say to him look mate you’re exactly like me. It wouldn’t be to, actually it wouldn’t be to a friend it would be to my brother, and I’d say look you’re exactly like me, but you’re about, you know, we weren’t taught this, ok. We weren’t taught this at school, we didn’t grow up with these teachings from Mum and Dad, you’ve got to do it because if you do it’s going to have a wonderful impact on your life.

This stuff that I learned this weekend from Rebecca, James and the other trainers, it should be part of the school curriculum, I honestly believe that. Or it should be, and hopefully James does his book, it should be provided for males worldwide because there’s so many of us that need it, I really do. It should be part of one young man or a boy’s education. I really hope that I can encourage people to do the course and I can continue to learn off James and Rebecca because there’s so much there that we need. So yeah, I think it’s invaluable.

How happy are you about doing it?

Yeah extremely happy, extremely happy. I had my reservations at the start but now that I’ve pushed through the three days, I had the reservations prior to coming but I made the decision and I’m really, really happy that I, a) that I came and b) that I committed and I put in the effort that I did. It’s fantastic the lessons and the tools that I have now.

What was your life like before the Bootcamp?

Well before the Bootcamp I was I guess pretty despondent, in a pretty despondent sort of place. I didn’t really have any real confidence and the confidence came about because of lack of skill or understanding. Combined with I guess experiences in the past and how I’ve been sort of treated and things I did as well that were sort of counterproductive with my relationships with women. So it took me to a place prior to the Bootcamp, a pretty bad place and I just didn’t really know what to do and I didn’t have any confidence so a place of frustration and a real feeling of being inadequate. So yeah, definitely feel a lot, lot, lot better about things.

Best thing about the Bootcamp?

Probably the fact that now that I’ve got tools and know that there’s a way, with this. The tools are things that I’ve been looking for, unfortunately not having any real tools and just relying on guessing and maybe a bit of sort of luck in the past and stuff. So the best thing about it is being able to pick up the tools and the processes of this and, I mean, I still know I’ve got a lot of things to learn about understanding women but actually getting feedback and getting thought processes from women being the trainers and “oh this is how we’re thinking”, it sort of really fills me with confidence. So just the best thing is, that I’ve got out of it, is the tools that both Rebecca and James have provided for me and it is, there’s all sorts of steps but I know if I follow them regularly that the simplicity of it, like do it often enough it’s going to work.

Any highlights of the Bootcamp?

It’s hard to put it on one thing, probably just proud of myself. It was all good, I mean as I said there was at times stuff I didn’t want to do but probably the bookstore was, I mean, I would never have done any of that sort of stuff before, ever. Going up to a girl in a bookstore, I mean, so for me it was, that was probably the highlight if anything but the whole three days was just massive for me, array of different emotions and feelings and things achieved and things to take away and people I’ve met and situations that I’ve been in, the whole thing was fantastic.

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