Happy Clients – Nathan

“In a nutshell James showed me how to be happy. I love life, I sleep less, I have more energy. I have such loving, strong relationships with so many people from so many different walks of life.
James doesn’t just make you better with women, he makes you better at all areas of your life.
He is the most fascinating person I’ve ever met. He’s my role model, mentor, friend, coach, everything.”
Happy Clients Nathan

Name: Nathan
Age: 20
Occupation: Professional Poker Player
Location: Perth, Australia

To sum up what he has done for me in a single year:

“James improved my life further and faster than I ever could have imagined. I started as a loser kid who was floundering around, scared to really live. I’d never even kissed a girl.

I have become a driven, successful, joyful man who has a burning passion for life. I have beautiful, amazing girls in a few Australian cities and one girl in America. Oh, and my income has gone up 5-10 times.

Gains that before I never thought would be possible within 10 years, if at all. James is a genius.”

One year ago…

I’m in my late teens. I run an online business. I make pretty good money, anywhere from 5-10k/month. Other than that I like playing xbox, computer games, tv and reading. I have a few friends but we mostly just play video games together. I’m very shy, always in my head and not good at talking to strangers. It takes me a few meetings to feel comfortable even talking to someone who’s a friend of a friend.

People often say in the beginning I seem very disinterested in them. It’s not that, I’m just scared. Girls scare me even more. I’m very sexually inexperienced and haven’t kissed, yet alone shown interest in a girl for a long time. People see me as the quite guy in the corner that is nice and won’t do any harm. McDonalds is a staple to my diet. I love double quarter pounders.

Seriously, that was me. I keep a journal just for this purpose, reflection, and that’s an honest and fair overview of what I was like.

I knew about the ‘pickup industry’, and whilst their stories fascinated me I found the routine based methodology pathetic. One day I stumbled upon James’ bio – well travelled, had an abundance of life experience, spiritual, caring and had been with a wide variety of the most amazing girls on the planet, had a very successful finance career. I was shocked, ‘WTF is this guy doing in this industry?’.

I had the opportunity to talk and learn from someone so outrageously successful at life, who wasn’t always that way but went through a long and arduous journey to get there, and all I had to do was pay a small fee and I could have access to all the knowledge!

I don’t know if I realised the full extent of it at the time, but I had struck gold, no, diamonds!

Stumbling upon James’ profile has easily been the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. I had some phone coaching before committing to a bootcamp and I knew right there he was the real deal. In one hour he understood me better than almost anyone, we instantly connected. Since then I’ve done both his 3 Day Bootcamp and Advanced Bootcamp, we talk on the phone and hangout whenever he’s in my city. Now, as well as, his client we’re also great friends.

Ok brag time!

Other than the social side of things, James quickly identified other areas of my life where I had huge potential for improvement and we’ve spent a fair chunk of our time and energy together working on ‘non-girls’ things. Which is something I didn’t expect when first signing up for this but have never stopped being amazed me how much he could help me with it. James doesn’t just make you better with women, he makes you better at all areas of you life.


James knows very little about my area of business. Yet due to his influence and advice I went from 5-10k/month to having my first 50k month just 3 months later, and I continued pumping out big numbers after that. The last 4 or 5 months have been a little meager in comparison as I have been focusing on travelling and massive improvement in my life with girls, but hey when you’re only averaging 15 hours/week and making much more than both your parents combined it’s probably not something to complain about.

So, how did he do this without knowing any of the technical aspects of my field? James knows the science behind success, and has a wealth of experience to fall back on as he used to be a high flying finance guy. He said to find people better than me, and learn from them, pretty simple huh? Yet so few people put that into practice. I moved into a house with 2 people with similar goals, got 2 coaches, a psychological coach, a life coach and hounded the best people with lots and lots of questions. How much I earn is directly related to my performance, if I’m tired, hungover, distracted, sad I make less money.

James took this a step further and focused on how we could get my performing at my optimum level. In a way it was similar to professional athletes, I now have a personal trainer, masseur, get regular blood and hair samples taken for nutrient testing, eat perfectly, exercise often. All these things allowed me to work better and for longer. 6 months ago people would have called me stupid for having coaches or getting nutritional reviews, but now it’s becoming more and more standard. James allowed me to be ahead of the curve. I’m actually not that great at what I do. If you looked at people in my area earning around the same as me I’d be in the bottom 10% in terms of skill, it’s just that I do all the other things right.


This is the area I struggled with the most, but recently I have had huge gains. Because of the initial skills James gave me I could do better than most guys in bars and would have girls interested in me but had real self-worth issues and found it very hard to open up.

Basically, I’d cut and run whenever it became obvious the girl was attracted to me.

James’ teachings and guidance were great, and it got to the stage where I could quickly build attraction and interest between a girl and me but the self-worth issues crept back in and I’d run away, leaving the girl disappointed and confused. James did the best he could with this tricky challenge and gave me the advice, guidance and support i needed, but ultimately this was something I had to conquer myself. A few months ago I slowly started making improvements in this area and now it’s completely snowballed.

Due to travel and moving around so much I’m not really in a position to commit to one person, but I have girls in a few Australian cities and one in America who wants me to come live with her later in the year. And these girls are all top, top quality, just amazing human beings. A year ago I literally would have given a kidney to be with one of them.

The girl I’m with now I was with 3 or 4 months ago and due to certain circumstances we haven’t been able to see each other again until a few days ago. Last night she told me, “When I first met you, you seemed like this nice, fun boy (she’s 4 years older) that pleased me and that I could have fun with. But now I see you as this successful, powerful, loving man. I’ve never felt so feminine, you make me feel like a real woman”.

WTF? This girl has dated finance guys, a doctor and an athlete yet the young, skinny, computer nerd makes her feel like a real woman? All I can say is that this was only made possible by James. Because of him I have learnt how to have amazing connections with girls. I know how to treat them properly, give them amazing sex and know how to be a man, which is pretty much all you need. I don’t have fancy things, they have no idea about my financial situation, it’s just the way I can make them feel.


In a nutshell James showed me how to be happy. I rarely watch TV anymore (it lives in the cupboard unless I break it out for special occasions), in fact I consume almost zero mass media. My friends talk about swine flu or some hostage situation and I know very little if anything about it. My energy doesn’t get weighed down by all these negative things happening in the world that have nothing to do with me, my ego doesn’t get bruised by advertisers trying to make me feel like shit so I buy their products thinking that it will make me happy. Instead I’ve become professionally trained in massage (hello ladies), fly to a beautiful island annually to do a detox, sail boats, do yoga, play guitar, philosophize on life, read, learn, live. I love life, I sleep less, I have more energy. I have such loving, strong relationships with so many people from so many different walks of life. This is what James teaches on the Advanced bootcamp, and so much more.

I don’t want this to come off like I’m perfect, just like everyone I still have a lot of challenges. I have a lot of identity issues. I don’t fit into a lot of my friends groups anymore. I still find it hard to commit and really open up. But, hey, that’s life. You keep chippin’ away at it.

I think the best way to sum this up is with a story.

This morning me and my beautiful girl were woken by Lady Gaga blaring from her speakers at full volume. That’s how we wake up. We bounded out of bed and started dancing to it as energetically as we could, being still somewhat disorientated we looked like un-co retards, but we like that. We sung it as loud as we could “I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN, I’LL FOLLOW YOU UNTIL YOU LOVE ME. PAPA, PAPARAZZI.” After our 3 minute dance party is over slow, epic music comes in and we embrace, holding each other, breathing in synchronicity. That’s how we start every fucking day, do you have any idea how awesome that is?

I go to my desk to get ready to do some work. The first 15 minutes or so is usually slow and doesn’t need much of my attention so she straddles me, naked, feeding me my breakfast in the most sexually provocative way possible. Every so often I peak past her perfect body to quickly attend to some work things. I’m making money right now..

This is because of James. It wouldn’t have been possible without him. He is the most fascinating person I’ve ever met. He’s my role model, mentor, friend, coach, everything. If you have the opportunity to work with James and are prepared to do the things necessary to improve your life please, please, please just do it. Even if you think you can’t afford it just do whatever it takes to get that money. You have to put in the hard work, he’s not going to hold your hand through the whole process, but he will give you the tools you need, guiding you down the path. If you’ve read this far you rock, thanks for putting up with me :)

Words can not describe the gratitude and appreciation I have for this remarkable human being.

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