Happy Clients – Guang – Video

“If you lack in this area and you don’t get help, how much is it costing you? How much is it costing your life?
This Bootcamp is great because it is an intuitive approach to dating; you know, none of that routine or artificial bulls***, just a very sensible, very intuitive approach.
It’s the Bootcamp of life.”

Name: Guang
Age: 31
Occupation: IT Support & Personal Trainer
Location: Melbourne, Australia


Think of a friend who would benefit from this training. What would you say to him?

I said look, you know, if um, if you don’t, if you lack in this area and, you know, and you don’t get help, how much is it costing you? Yeah, you’ve got to think about, you know, if you leave, if there’s something going on in your life where there’s a problem, there’s an issue and then you just leave it unsolved, you know, how much is it costing your life? You know, in monetary terms, what about happiness, what about, you know, many other different things that are important.

How would you describe the training?

Opens up possibilities. This Bootcamp is great because it is an intuitive approach to dating; you know, none of that routine or artificial bulls***, just a very sensible, very intuitive approach.

Knowing the mechanics of attraction, dating, so much, so none of that, you know, “Do you think that David Bowie is hot?” kind of lines, yeah which just sort of totally feels unnatural and out of place. Basically I’m just, you know, I’m learning to hold a conversation, doing the basics right, touching, eye-contact, it’s very intuitive.

It’s the Bootcamp of life.

Best thing about the Bootcamp?

Best thing about the Bootcamp, getting to meet you two. And best thing is I have some idea of how to do certain things in certain situations. The practice session was valuable because, you know, I get to work with Bec who is, you know, an attractive woman, and I know how the process works now which, you know, is amazing because I’m sort of a guy who follows processes, I’m very process orientated. I’m for manuals, instructions, text books, but in a way this is, what I’ve been through in the last two days, it’s like I actually have a text book like within me. So, It’s amazing because I thought, I didn’t think that was possible, you can’t, you know, have a manual or textbook for, you know, getting close to women or dating but I feel I have the manual so I’m a lot, I feel like more equipped and a bit more confident.

How did it feel to see Jamie’s photos, knowing he was practically a virgin til 31?

It really amazes me like that, you know, something’s possible. I mean, you know, I didn’t even imagine something like that for people who are, you know, naturally good at women like let alone someone like you who’s been through a lot of difficulties until your early 30’s so it’s very powerful and it’s very inspirational.

I know that for me, I mean, I’ve learned a lot over the weekend thanks to the both of you and I know that it takes time, it takes patience, it’s probably one of the most hardest things that I have to do for myself in my life but I mean after these two days I know for a fact that, you know, this is not impossible for me so that’s very important.

Value for money?

Yeah value for money was great; I mean I had access to the two of you on both days for, I don’t know, it was many hours. It seems like you guys are just here for like forever so, you know, its tremendous value.

Any highlights of the Bootcamp?

The highlights of Bootcamp was getting to practice, the first day practice session was, it was a big help getting the basics right, getting the conversation. I’m sure now that, you know, I am a good conversationalist when I want to be. And just working out the, just how to do things and what to do and what not to do.

Last night at Ivy was a highlight and just getting out in the bar with someone like you Jamie and you Rebecca, you just, yeah I mean it was a really big help instead of just doing it with, you know, a few of my friends who have no idea.

How will the Bootcamp change your life?

It will change my life in a way that I would look at things differently now and when I see certain things or certain situations I have a better idea of how to handle and react to those situations.

And also having the knowledge, just an understanding of how, you know, why things happen and why things are so.

“Aha” moments?

Like, yeah, like what I mentioned before which is, you know, this is a system and there’s a system for everything and if people tell you there’s no system, that just means that no-one’s discovered it. And yeah, and this makes me feel that it’s, yeah, I mean dating, relationships, seduction, obviously dating’s a system and if you, obviously if you have a good knowledge of the system then you can make things happen for yourself.

How happy are you about doing it?

Yeah I’m very happy, very, very happy doing it. But I was, I mean, I was in a, quite a negative place before I signed up to the Bootcamp because in my daily life I just don’t have a lot of, just in terms of women, I mean they just ignore me and walk past me and things like that. I mean I’m working on many things in my life and I seem to, well, be going really well but it just feels like there’s some part of my life is still missing and I couldn’t find it. And some days I feel like, you know, I’m just, I’ve got no reason to sort of just get up and get out of bed, yeah so… I mean that was one of the days when I couldn’t, didn’t really want to get out of bed and I was just playing with my iPad, just, you know, in my bed and then I had your, you know, website bookmarked, you know, in favourites and I was just browsing and I saw your website and I thought, you know, just give it a go. You know, I give it a go and, you know, instead of just feeling upset just give it a go and then it’s better than you know just staying in bed and getting upset.

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