“When You Go Out You Don’t Even Have To Think!”

“This is amazingly powerful stuff. You have no idea what you can possibly discover, it’s not just about women and getting better with women, it’s about general life skills…
I am amazingly happy that I stepped up to the plate and actually went for it.”

Name: Eric
Age: 27
Occupation: IT Project Manager
Location: Sydney, Australia


What would you say to a friend who you think should do this training?

Mate, don’t do this, because this is amazingly powerful stuff and I want this for myself, so you just f*** off, you know. No, but seriously, you have no idea what you can possibly discover, it’s not just about women and getting better with women, it’s about general life skills and I think this is not just applicable to your interactions with, you know, women, it’s also just your whole life, mate, your whole life. It’s how you approach everything. It’s any interaction that you do. It’s not just girls, it’s your overall perspective. So I really think you should do it.

How happy are you about doing it?

I am amazingly happy that I stepped up to the plate and actually went for it.

Value for money, Jamie I feel sorry for you because I feel like it should probably be worth a lot more than you charge for it. I think that, yeah, it’s really just amazing value for money, I can’t express that enough. It’s so, so insightful what you do, not just in Bootcamp but the way you approach everything I suppose, your overall philosophy, yeah it’s almost priceless I would say. It is very difficult to put a value on it.

“Aha!” moments?

“Aha!” moments, there were so many, it’s almost difficult to pick a few out. There was an amazing moment where Rebecca demonstrated how it felt to be touched and to be, it’s very difficult to put into words, but it’s how it feels to be touched and approached as a woman. I found that absolutely astounding and incredibly enlightening actually. That was an amazing moment. The other thing that I found amazingly enlightened, or one of the things that I took, one of the epiphanies that I had, it was that the less that I would say, the better it seems to work. Yeah, it’s all about knowing mechanics and saying less.

I felt like some of the stuff that was said or some of the epiphanies that I had were so obvious, it was simple things, but there is no way that I would’ve stepped outside of myself to be able to observe that or to be able to pick that up, absolutely no way. So yeah, that was invaluable feedback being able to have that outside perspective that there is no way, and to correct simple little things that I was too absolutely blind to that, that I did not see. That was amazing.

I think that the summary of the “mechanics plus context equals competency”. It’s a lot like learning how to play tennis, I relate to that because that is something that I learn. You can learn the mechanics of hitting a tennis ball, but to really understand how to play a shot where you want it to go, you have to understand things like if you put top spin on the ball, the mechanics of top spin are going to make it deepen go up and down, or a slice is going to stay and hover in the air because it is spinning backwards. So it’s not just the mechanics of being able to make the shot but having that understanding of the context that ties everything together.

I think that the repetition that we do in terms of the physicality and the mechanics means that when you actually go out, you don’t have to think, it’s the same as, I guess it’s a tried analogy, but it’s the same as sport, like when you play sport, if you’re hitting a golf ball you don’t want to be thinking about hitting a golf ball, you want to be out there on the course thinking about what next shot is, not what you’re doing. If you’re thinking about what you’re doing then, you know, the battle is half lost. So the repetition and the mechanics and being able to get that down and not have to think about that and also having the fundamental understanding of why these things work and getting the context and especially getting women’s perspective on this makes you competent, it’s that simple.

My life before was alright, I could meet women through social circles, but that was a bit hit and miss and then if I did want to go out and try and meet someone in a bar or pub or somewhere it was a matter of getting pretty wasted and it was a bit of a lucky dip. So yeah, I mean it was alright but it was by no means astounding and it was definitely not what I wanted. I think it is hard to find, for me, to find the caliber of person was very difficult, that was the hardest thing.

After the Bootcamp I think that, I would like to think that, I have a lot more choice and that I can find someone who I can, like, relate to, on not just an intellectual level or who’s not just physically attractive, but someone who is a genuinely good person as well I guess, find all of these qualities that I’m looking for. And the thing that I was happy about with the boot camp or I guess my approach to the boot camp I was really I was genuinely, seriously apprehensive at first. I kind of heard about this or like I knew a bit about this pickup stuff and I felt it was a bit weird and I wasn’t really sure what to expect at all, but the people that I met, obviously Jamie and Rebecca, but also the guys in the camp, were just some of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met. It’s not just the experience of you know learning how to pick up chicks, it’s actually the people that you meet and the overall experience and the vibe, it is all about the vibe.

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