Happy Clients – David

“James’s course is the complete package, giving you real skills and real understanding and not lame one-liners that never work.
I would (and have) recommend this Bootcamp to anyone who wants real success with women and who wants to become a better, successful, well-rounded individual.”
Happy Clients David 2

Name: David
Age: 36
Occupation: Professional Engineer
Location: Brisbane, Australia

I have done two 3 Day Bootcamps with James – one in 2008, which I thought was awesome; and recently in August 2010, which blew the first course straight out of the water. To make you successful with desirable women, James aims to make you a desirable man. Obvious, when you think about it, but rarely taught by other social coaches.

So, how does he do it?

Well, I knew James was looking to improve his course so that his students got more out of it. He had called me, looking for some very detailed feedback after the first course. Some time after, James proudly invited me to attend his new-and-improved Bootcamp. Being curious and needing a refresher, I did and it was well worth it.

What can I say about the new Bootcamp? You wouldn’t even guess they were the same course. In fact, they’re not. The new Bootcamp is so far improved that comparing the two would be like comparing a musket to an uzi, a match to the Sun, a Datsun to a Ferrari, TNT to E=mc2. It is obvious that a lot of work has gone into making the course what it is now – it’s more structured, organised, comprehensive, broader, has more practise time with Female Trainers and you get greater feedback – honestly, worlds apart. One thing I really like about James and how he teaches his course is that he says it how it is and doesn’t flower it. It’s pretty hard to misinterpret what he says and he takes you straight to the issue, to help you deal with it.

Also, many of you would know Rebecca, who, over the last couple of years, has been increasingly involved in the Bootcamps and it is obvious this course has been blessed with a woman’s touch. Rebecca is there right from the start and throughout the course, with her warm, welcoming attitude, constructive feedback and helpful advice. Rebecca is actively involved in role plays, discussions and outings, providing valuable feedback from a woman’s perspective. James and Rebecca work as a co-ordinated team, complementing each other, getting the best results possible from you.

Bootcamp Preparation

Even before the Bootcamp starts, you’re sent a questionnaire asking you about your goals, relationship history, sticking points and a whole range of other things, all to get you thinking out of your comfort zone and to give a picture about what would work best for you and what improvements you need to make.


On arrival, after a warm welcome by James and Rebecca, I was given a personalised folder containing informative handouts, with space for taking notes throughout the course. It’s professional and organised. These notes you can keep referring to well after the course is over, when you’re out there mastering all this.

Course Material

Once you have the handouts and everyone gets to know each other, James takes you through the whole process of meeting women to having them back in your bedroom. You listen hard and take plenty of notes. This is a very informative and comprehensive part of the Bootcamp and you get right into it. Even if your skills are pretty good, this will all still help.

Opening Up and Energy Building

Let’s be honest, I have heard James say, many times, most of the guys who need help in this area of life are the professionals who sit at a desk, using their analytical mind, talking to (usually) no women for over 8 hours straight (at least not in an engaging fashion), every day! The hardest thing to do is get out of that head space and into one that is open, energised, engaging, fun and interesting.

We were coached here by a cute (female) acting/dance instructor who got us into that space with games and exercises. It was a lot of fun and loosened us right up. All this in preparation for applying what James teaches.

Role Playing

Once you’re limbered up, James and Bec take you through some role play with either Bec or another female: bar scenario, cafe, bookstore, wherever; and you’re given advice and feedback from both James (from a male perspective) and your role-playing partner (female’s perspective). Both viewpoints prove to be extremely valuable.
You get feedback on everything, from approach, to eye contact, to conversation, to kino, positioning and anything else you may be struggling with or could polish.


No doubt, almost everyone reading this has had sex with a live, female human, at least once. Either way, in this section of the Bootcamp James takes you through, step-by-step, getting the girl from your door, to the bedroom, onto the bed and into sex. He says it like it is with no messing about, with demonstrations (clothed, of course) along the way. Hats off to Rebecca, too, for ‘role playing’ the female part. Even if you’re well-experienced, you’ll come out with a new perspective.

How to Dress

James and Rebecca take you clothes shopping! You’re shown how to dress well and what looks good on you – seriously good advice.


You’ve been given the theory and the practise. Now you go out and test yourself in the real world. This is key: you will falter; you will get burned; you will make mistakes and you will have success. And then it’s back to the Bootcamp the next day to review, modify, and go again. And so the process goes. This is where the course material, James’s advice, the practising, the role plays and handouts are so valuable: the purpose of the course is to give you the building blocks to learn from your mistakes so you can take it further and reach a higher level of confidence and skill with women, well after you have finished the course. You learn to do it yourself, without the reliance on your coach. That being said, even after the course, James and Bec make themselves available to give you feedback and help you where needed; and to me, that shows their dedication, not just to running a good course, but to the well-being and life-long benefits that they hope to bestow upon their students.

James’s course is the complete package, giving you real skills and real understanding and not lame one-liners that never work.

I would (and have) recommend this Bootcamp to anyone who wants real success with women and who wants to become a better, successful, well-rounded individual.

Thank you, again, James and Rebecca, for your time, instruction and efforts. I have not found a Bootcamp that even comes close.

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