Happy Clients – Daniel

“I knew that I had to do this. This was THE aspect of my life that I always wanted to get sorted.
You know, it rarely happens that you can open up to someone in just a matter of days. With James and Rebecca this was the case after only one evening.
All the way through the Bootcamp they always gave me the feeling that they want me to succeed and be a happier person.”
Happy Clients Daniel

Name: Daniel
Age: 28
Occupation: IT Professional
Location: Sydney, AUS


I’m 28 years old, have fulfilled my dream to move to Australia. I am successful in my job and enjoy a good lifestyle. Even with the ladies I wasn’t too bad, having had several long-term girlfriends over the past years. So, why would I not be happy in my life?

The reason is: choice!

I found out about James on the Charisma Arts website back in 2007 and wanted to take a bootcamp with him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out back then and I got into another long-term relationship eventually. A year later I arrived at the same point where I was before. Something had to change…

I got actively involved in the pickup scene (which I’ve followed throughout the years) and met some guys from the Sydney Lair. We went out a few nights and got into some conversations with girls but in my mind I was thinking, “The same stories over and over again, is this really it?”. I wasn’t happy!

I wanted to be able to open a woman, talk to her, get her attracted and close the deal without wearing funny hats, making up fake stories and trying to memorize canned material. Since I’d read Wayne ‘Juggler’ Elise’s eBook, I knew that this must be possible without losing my own personality.

Unfortunately, James’ Bootcamps weren’t advertised anywhere on the Charisma Arts website. Lucky for me I found a forum post that mentioned his private website. After hesitating a bit I sent him an email to which he replied a few hours later and also gave me a phone call.

I knew that I had to do this. This was THE aspect of my life that I always wanted to get sorted. Now was the time and even though I had some rough sleeps before the Bootcamp and doubts about it, I found myself on my way to Bondi three weeks later.


I was a bit late already and almost missed my train that day, so I decided to take a cab to Bondi from Central station. I was quite nervous on my way because I didn’t know what to expect. The nervousness got worse when I was standing in front of James’ apartment, just about to push the door bell.

James answered and let me up. He sounded like a great guy on the phone already and his first appearance absolutely confirmed that. He told me that he’s waiting for two more guys that should arrive shortly. So, I used the opportunity to sit down on the couch and calm down a bit.

By that time James’s Female Trainer, Rebecca, introduced herself. James had already mentioned that the bootcamp really benefited so much from her help and I would soon realize myself how perfectly she complements James teachings.

The door bell rang, my fellow student Perth student arrived. After a short introduction the door bell rang again and we welcomed a Brisbane student. Now that we were complete, James started the theoretical part of the bootcamp where he was presenting his, “Seduction Roadmap”.

Some practice approaches soon followed the theory. Even though it felt a bit awkward to practice this in front of other people, Rebecca made us all feel very comfortable and it started to feel natural. Looking back, these practice approaches and energy exercises were my personal highlight of the Bootcamp.

In the evening we went back to our nearby accommodation and got changed for night game. We had a quick bite at a pizza place in Bondi and then took a cab to Ivy on George St, Sydney. I had never been there and had told James before that feeling comfortable in highly social places, like night clubs, is one of my weakest points.

The moment we went in, James gave me my first assignment, “Get something from the bar and talk to a girl that’s standing there”. Needless to say, I was standing there like a deer on the street that’s staring at the headlights of a car. James soon realized that I needed a push and he opened a girl, 30 seconds later he introduced me and ejected.

So, there I was, talking to this girl and applying everything (or at least most) of what James had taught us during the day. Another one of my weakest points was escalation, so I made sure to touch her a lot and came close to her when we were talking (the music was extremely loud, so that was at least a good excuse!).

We must have talked for about 10 minutes and the whole time she had a second drink in her hand, which I only realized when she said that she had to bring it to her friend (I must have been totally focused on practicing the skills). She asked me if I wanted to come along – and surely I did.

I introduced myself to her friend (I remembered that James said, “Always befriend her friends”) and another guy that she knew. After a bit small talk (and gaining her friends’ trust) I focused my complete attention on her again. We seemed to get along pretty well with each other, so I told her that she was sexy.

While she was quickly turning around to her friend, I saw a missed call from James and a text message. So (looking back), I did a stupid thing and ejected without getting her number (this could have been a huge mistake in such a crowded club!). I went to see James, Rebecca and the other guys in the back of the club to talk to more women.

Unfortunately, that night there weren’t really too many good opportunities, so we decided to head to McDonalds (a great pickup spot for after-club hours!) and call it a night. On my way out I was thinking, “Damn you Marcus, go find her and get those digits!”. I was lucky, she was still with her friends at the same spot.

I went back in and she said, “Oh, I really thought you wouldn’t come back!”. She also gave me mad statements of interest and was touching me. I knew that the guys were waiting at McDonalds, to I had to eject sooner or later. I said: “Hey, I really like talking to you, what’s your number?”, and handed her my phone (thanks James for that move!).

She said, “Sure, I’ll give you my number”. I typed in her name and she was super impressed that I still remembered it. I called her on my phone and typed in my name. Now, with my first number in the pocket, I continued to chat for a few more minutes and then decided to say goodbye.

I gave her a big hug, looked her deeply in the eyes and decided to go in for a kiss. I was so surprised that she didn’t resist, that I only gave her a quick peck on the mouth (leaves room for more!) and then left for McDonalds where I met the other guys. We soon caught a cab home and I felt very ecstatic when I was lying in my bed, thinking of what just happened.


I caught up with the Brisbane student on Saturday morning for breakfast. We were walking around Bondi for a bit to discuss the previous evening and exchanged our stories about women and what we wanted to get out of this weekend. We went to James apartment around noon for some more theory where the Perth student also joined us.

The main topic of the day was “escalation”. I listened very carefully, with this being one of my weaknesses. While James was teaching us, he was also telling us some stories of his previous “pickups” and this helped me immensely to get the whole idea. Also, James gave us some ideas on how to dress well and what fashion mistakes to avoid (and yet again it was great to have Rebecca there for a female opinion on our style).

We eventually headed to the city in the early afternoon for some day game. At Borders we practiced some approaches (kudos to James who managed not to make anyone in the store suspicious about our training scenarios!). Once we were ready, we wandered around the store, unfortunately without much luck. It seemed like girls in Sydney weren’t out to buy books that day.

Half an hour later we changed the location to Kinokuniya, another book store. This is where I did my first approach of the day, asking a cute blonde sales assistant for some recommendations on language courses in Italian. I managed to get her hooked for about 15 minutes and then she had to go back to work. All this time James was quietly reading a book next to me, taking in what was happening so he could give feedback later.

We went outside of the store to discuss the approach. I was so overwhelmed with all the little details that James noticed and that he thought that it was a pretty solid conversation and that she was attracted to me! This is something that I had never really noticed myself and it built up my confidence. Things to improve: Touch more, subtly communicate to her you are interested, get a date or digits!

Next on the list was Myer, where the Brisbane student practiced his approaching skills. I suddenly had this thing in my head to get some recommendation on sunnies and opened a really cute blonde sales assistant. Again we had about 15 minutes of solid conversation and I noticed that she was really making an effort and we were switching from “selling mode” to “personal”.

I then left (where was the touching Marcus!?) but asked her if she would be here the next day. Also, one of the things that James pointed out before, I told her my name and shook her hand, then she told me hers. Even though James was busy with the Brisbane students’ approach, I felt quite confident there on my own and I finally realized myself that there was some attraction happening.

Back to Bondi, where the Brisbane student and I went down to the bar of the backpacker hostel and chatted to the girl at the bar. Half an hour later James, Rebecca and the Perth student joined us and we had a nice Thai dinner (lots of veggies, brown rice and other vegetarian goodness for heaps of energy!). Off in the cab to the city where we went to the Ivy for another round of night game.

Unfortunately that night the bar was super crowded and, considering that I always felt uncomfortable in these situations, I had a hard time to talk to any girls. James was really pushing me hard to open sets but saw that I felt very uncomfortable. I eventually went in to wing Brisbane student but the girls blew me out without even answering (turned out they were about to leave and I didn’t have any energy). Oh well, things happen! James opened a set and threw in the sentence, “Have you met Marcus? He’s from Germany!”. That was the detail that got me into a conversation with a pre-school teacher. She had a lot of things going on in her life and told me that she was studying interior design as well. After a while the conversation “died off” and I decided to eject (someone slap me please, she was attracted!).

We left the Ivy a while later and went to Mc Donalds. While I had already completed the chapter “approaching” in my head for that night, James suddenly said: “Hey, there’s a cute Asian girl in the line, ask her how her night was!”. Man, there I was, the deer situation again, this time the headlights were HUGE!

I was standing in that line and just couldn’t open her. No apparent reason, I was just thinking, “this will never work! She’ll be rude to me”. James must have been close to giving up hope on me when his final elbow push made me open the girl with a very stuttering, “Hey, how was your night so far?”.

To my surprise she really took my approach well, even though I had no energy whatsoever. I used all of what James had taught me so far and got a solid conversation with her. She even waited while I was ordering my soy latte, oh, water (screw you McDonalds, for switching off the coffee machine after 12am).

She eventually left and we introduced ourselves shortly before she did. James told me later that I could easily have arranged a date with her for the next night if only I had touched her a bit longer. And even though I did a lot of mistakes (being too close, body language, etc.) I must have rescued it with the conversation.


Caught up with the Brisbane student on Sunday morning to have breakfast. The weather was really nice and I have to say that there are tons of cute girls doing sports at Bondi Beach and some are sitting in the cafes (note to self: consider moving to Eastern Suburbs). We again talked about the previous day and exchanged some more personal stories.

Around noon we met James at his apartment where he was wrapping up the theory part. He also was telling us about the pictures of his ex girlfriends on his camera, and in a quiet moment shared them with us. I won’t reveal too much, but all I can say is that this guy is phenomenal! He really practices what he’s preaching and he’s doing it oh so well.
We did some more individualized practice approaches with Rebecca and I got my personal treatment with a “bar-like scenario”. While this worked out quite well in the beginning, I began to feel the pressure when James decided to turn on some loud music, well just like it is in a bar with a lot of people.

This really forced me to come close to Rebecca and it was also the perfect excuse to get kino involved. James even taught me one of his special moves where I got her to turn around and was holding her hips with both of my hands. Also he was correcting my body language and energy level. I was just thinking, “Geez, this can REALLY work!”.

After the Perth Student left (after all Perth is a long red-eye flight away) we went for dinner at another Thai restaurant. This time with a wonderful deep sea fish as well to complement our meal. We didn’t only talk about seduction related stuff during dinner, but also made our conversation personal, talking about our family backgrounds and other things.

You know, it rarely happens that you can open up to someone in just a matter of days. With James and Rebecca this was the case after only one evening. I really had a feeling that they understand me and appreciate me as a person. All the way through the Bootcamp they always gave me the feeling that they want me to succeed and be a happier person.

We debriefed around 7ish that day and James gave us some assignments for the coming weeks. Mine included:

Manage energy (do sports before going out, anchor positive feelings)
Be really social (go out!)

Learn massage

Be less verbose and,

Do Salsa classes to learn touching

I left Rebecca and James that night with a very positive attitude and the feeling that I can do this! I must have been smiling all the way on my cab ride home, thinking about all the situations that I had been in that weekend and how much I had already changed since I rocked up at James apartment on Friday, like a nervous wreck.

2 Weeks Later

It’s only been 2 weeks since the bootcamp, but I feel like I’ve already changed in many aspects of my life. I’ve adopted James recommendations to eat healthier (and less meat, more organic), work out and anchor positive energy (i.e. dance around like crazy, doing the air guitar to “Living on a Prayer” will really get you kick-started!).

I got in contact with the Brisbane student and we set ourselves some goals that we’ll talk about on the phone next week to see how we have progressed. I’ve been to the mall several times now with the main purpose of day game and NOT spending money (which is quite handy as well because it leaves me with more money in my pocket!).

I’ve started to look around for social events and places to go out to. I made it clear at work that I’ll go from my usual 8:30 pm to 6 pm to 7:30 pm – 5 pm (strict!), which finally gives me enough time to join a dancing class, cooking class or yoga. I’m also looking for a wing to go out with and I’m planning to really work hard on getting my night game sorted.

Of course I can’t finish this review without mentioning that I had a date with the Ivy girl from the Friday night of the Bootcamp. I ran pretty solid kino on her and we had a great time that night. She even invited me back to her place that night but logistics with room mates and work the next day were just WAY off. By the way, I followed James recommendations to hold off with the kiss (but kino her like mad), which really seemed to get her more interested.

I’ll meet her again next week, this time with a plan and hopefully a night to remember!

Thank you James and Rebecca for everything that you’ve done for me. I really feel that I can get this to work and after the weekend with you I feel like I’ve already become a better person. I’m looking forward to meeting you for dinner soon and playing a game of tennis in Bondi. Take care!

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