“I Wish I’d Done This Course Years Ago…”

“You know the guys should just do themselves a favour, you know, you guys are the real deal. It’s a genuine thing.
With knowledge like this the future is going to be completely different. Now there’s a clear path, a graduated path, I can see the road ahead, it’s great.
I wish I’d done this course years ago.”

Name: Brett
Age: 39
Occupation: Stevedore
Location: Brisbane, Australia


How happy are you about doing it?

It was brilliant, brilliant, yeah professionally done, you know, the fact that there’s the girls training and we could practise on them was a really great, great idea, you know. Like in terms of, you know, looking at the scientific side of neural pathways and just for the, it made it so much easier going to, you know, the Ivy and the other place, it was just really, yeah it was a piece of cake.

You know the guys should just do themselves a favour, you know, you guys are the real deal. It’s a genuine thing, it’s not some crazy course put together by some loser that hasn’t got laid in years, you know, and is selling you some sort of bulls*** product you know. This is real, it’s based in good principles.One of the best things that I’ve ever done. Do it. Do yourself a favour.

Value for money?

Worth every cent, worth every cent in terms of, well, with knowledge like this the future is going to be completely different so I mean what’s three grand, you know, it’s nothing, you know. You should charge more, then you might not get people coming so, they probably don’t see the long term value of this, you know.

It’s something you know that I can, that we can teach our kids, you know. My kids don’t have to find this out from, you know, just as you. They hopefully won’t have to go through the process of bloody struggling and problems, you know, they can go “dad was right!”

What was your life like before the Bootcamp?

I’ve probably had six, eight, I don’t know maybe something like that, girls where you know, it’s been a two year to six, seven year thing, you know, and then a bunch of girls over, you know, might last week, might last month, you know, and one-nighters sort of all over the place but, I don’t know, it used to be really easy for me when I was young but then, I don’t know, something happened which I don’t really understand, kind of smashed the hell out of me inside and it’s taken a long time to recover from that you know. I made the mistake and became a complete raving drunk, you know, just as a means of escape. I mean it was either that or suicide or something, but you know I just couldn’t do that. So yeah, it’s been a long road, a long road.

I wish I’d done this course years ago you know, like the physical escalation and all that sort of stuff. Now that I can see it laid out, you know, in a little pattern it’s so simple, so simple, you know. I want to say thank you very much, one and all.

What will your life be like after the Bootcamp?

If things go well there could well be a revolving door through the bedroom.

Yeah it definitely will change my life, you know, like at some point as a little boy, you know, I suddenly think ping!, something about her that I like! But there’s been this big question mark behind it you know like well how do I, you know, and experiments and what not and this has made it really clear to me, very, very clear.

I really appreciate, it’s great that you guys run this course you know, like you could be off doing whatever and you’ve decided to help people and make some money on the way, it’s cool.

Any highlights of the Bootcamp?

Yeah just the people really, that’s what I’m going to remember from it, the people and the clear process now that I can see. That’s something to work on, you know, rather than just go what’s that all about?

So, it is high karma work to do this you know so you’ve saved me much suffering in the future. Probably created a little bit more that’s going to happen but anyway that’s life.

Best thing about the Bootcamp?

Being made to go up and talk to random strangers, someone, oh right I’ll go and do it. And realising how easy it was you know.

No actually the best thing about the Bootcamp was all the people, you know, just all the interesting people and, you know, it’s been good.

“Aha” moments?

The physical escalation that we were working out in there, that was a, you know, the touching, you know, the small of the back, that type of thing, leading. There’s quite a few actually and if I wasn’t so bloody tired I’d probably be able to think, they’d come to mind. I’m sure they will tomorrow morning, I’ll go “ah that’s what I should have said!” but yeah a lot, a lot of, and that filled in gaps like I knew there was this bit and then that bit, I’m like what’s the gap between there and there you know and now there’s a clear path, a graduated path you know, I can see the road ahead, it’s great.

Think of a friend who would benefit from this training. What would you say to him?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, haven’t really got a good, my best idea was to go out and start doing this and just have him go “what the fuck are you doing?” and go “well you want to ring this bloke.”

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