How To Avoid Rejection – Part 2

Many guys learning to improve their social and seduction skills actually ruin their chances by making the wrong approaches. Some approaches are doomed from the start and do nothing but demonstrate your lack of social intelligence to every woman in the room.

This short video, with our female dating coaches Rebecca and Lisa,  runs you through a couple of approaches you should probably avoid.


James: I personally would not do an approach unless I saw a way I could sit and talk on their level. One thing you’ll see a lot of guys do is:

*James approaches Rebecca and Lisa, who are seated, and standing in front of them says “Hey, how you guys doing?”*

James: Standing up, weirding them out, just weirding them out.

Rebecca: It’s weird.

James: If I’m Brad Pitt and I’ve got my Oscar with me, I can probably talk to them for about 5 minutes like this before I weird them out. If I’m any other guy, forget it. I know Brad Pitt hasn’t won an Oscar but anyway. Can’t do it.

James: Another thing that you’ll often see is guys doing this:

*James approaches Rebecca and Lisa and crouches next to them*

James: Women have a word for guys like this: loser. You just can’t do this, I don’t know why. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are. Look, they’re looking down at me with contempt,  like a dog or something, as if I’m about to kiss their feet. So you’ve got to figure out before you approach a girl where you’re going to take it. I’ve walked into the other bar and I’ve picked up a chair and brought it over. That’s projecting a lot of interest, I’d only ever do that on a Bootcamp. If you can’t find a way to sit down on their level then you should probably talk to some other girls and just keep an eye on them for later. Does that make sense?