Case Study

How A Lonely Bald 5’6″ Project Manager Went From Being Single 80% Of The Time To Having 4 Beautiful Girlfriends At The Same Time Transcript So I’m 36. I’m working as a project manager. One of the ways that the Bootcamp had improved my life was being able to go from you know dating one girl [read more…]

The Harder To F**k, The Harder To Date

Transcript So I’m teaching you how to meet women, how to really quickly build an intellectual and emotional connection with them, and then very, very, very smoothly run them through some sort of process that ends in sex. Now obviously you get to sleep with a lot more women, you get to sleep with a [read more…]

The 21 Convention 2014

I want to share some great news with you! I’m one of only 8 dating/lifestyle coaches presenting at the only 21 Convention for 2014. There will be 22 speakers in total covering health, exercise, philosophy, entrepreneurship, fatherhood and nutrition, including at least 1 best selling author. I’m looking forward to meeting these guys myself! The [read more…]

Rebecca Interviewed At 21 Convention

  The beautiful redhead Marilee from The 21 Convention Melbourne, interviewed Rebecca about… How Women Are So Frustrated With Western Men Being So Passive When It Comes To Dating How Women Feel About Guys Hitting On Them How Other Women React To Rebecca Telling Them She Teaches Guys How To “Pick Up” Women How The [read more…]

Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Men’s Dating Coach James: There’s 3 points, but I just want to make a very important point. There’s two guys. This is guy one: now, he sees Rebecca and he think she’s cute, she actually looks over and he’s like “oh man that girl’s cute. Do you think she’s looking at me? Oh yeah, look [read more…]

James Interviewed At 21 Convention

The beautiful redhead Marilee from The 21 Convention Melbourne, interviewed James about… How to Sweep Beautiful Women Off Their Feet & Into Bed With Date Planning How To Find A Great Girlfriend & Keep Her Attracted To You Can You Lie To Women & Get Away With It? The video is now up on YouTube. We think [read more…]

A Story To Explain Why Women Are Rude To You

A story about why beautiful women can be rude to you… I stared directly into the Indian cab drivers eyes and bellowed… “Listen buddy, my friend here is a 95kg cage fighter. He could kill you and me in 30 seconds, if he really wanted to. So don’t you go taking him on a f***ing [read more…]

Are All Aussie Men Cowards?

Is This Your Dream Girl She’s a 5’9”, 23 year old French Belgian brunette with huge luminous green eyes. Her mouth is enormous and you’d be hard pushed to find fuller lips on a white woman, anywhere. If she directs a full blown smile your way your heart will skip a beat. Her skin and [read more…]

When Not To Approach Women

James speaking to Lisa: Could you sit and model with Rebecca a conversation you’d have if you were really into each other in the conversation and you don’t want to be disturbed? *Lisa and Rebecca model this type of interaction* James: Now, unless you’re a loser pick up artist with a stupid hat and a [read more…]

How To Get Hot Women Into Bed

TRANSCRIPT James: You’re a man. Women, regardless of what he looks like or even how much money he’s got, they want a man who goes out into the world and grabs what he wants. So when an attractive girl looks at you, it’s your job to look back and hold her eye contact. It’s your [read more…]