Case Study

How A Lonely Bald 5’6″ Project Manager Went From Being Single 80% Of The Time To Having 4 Beautiful Girlfriends At The Same Time Transcript So I’m 36. I’m working as a project manager. One of the ways that the Bootcamp had improved my life was being able to go from you know dating one girl [read more…]

The New Way To Teach ‘Pick Up’

Is your social and sex life everything you dreamt it could be? Some of my students are now really living their wildest dreams, while others are getting close. The huge improvements I have witnessed in my student’s lives is something that makes me incredibly proud. Still my Bootcamps then were a long way from what [read more…]

Top 3 Skills To Keep Conversations Going: Part 3

Following on from Part 2 of this series–while you are learning to listen well–don’t be afraid of or put-off by silence. Don’t answer the urge to fill every nanosecond with whatever pops into your head. You must become comfortable with silence. Learn to use it to keep her talking, a sure sign of power and confidence [read more…]

Top 7 Tips From Men Who Improved Dramatically With Women

  1. They make themselves vulnerable to women Vulnerability is power with women. Numerous students have noted this as the most crucial factor in their success. I read that there are 200 opportunities for a woman to reject a man from initial eye contact to sex. Many of the most desirable women will actually reject [read more…]

Forget About Fooling Women

TRANSCRIPT Question from audience: I want to know whether or not before you have sex with her to find a way “just letting you know I don’t want to have any kind of relationship”, or would you say that after? James: Wait for her to ask you. If you’re f***ing other girls, she’ll know. Have [read more…]

Secrets Of Natural Seducers

Do you think Michael Jordan broke down in tears every time he missed a basket? Or Tiger Woods flew into a hissy fit whenever he drove off the fairway or Warren Buffet went straight into therapy every time a stock he purchased dropped? How would you learn to play basketball if you couldn’t accept missing [read more…]