Case Study

How A 43 Year Old Divorced IT Guy Went From Spending $30K A Year On Alcohol With No Success To Seeing Multiple Beautiful Young Women At The Same Time Transcript So I’m 43. I’m in IT. I’ve got a couple of degrees in banking, finance and IT. I’ve got an amazing little family of a [read more…]

Case Study

How A Lonely Bald 5’6″ Project Manager Went From Being Single 80% Of The Time To Having 4 Beautiful Girlfriends At The Same Time Transcript So I’m 36. I’m working as a project manager. One of the ways that the Bootcamp had improved my life was being able to go from you know dating one girl [read more…]

Where Are The Women You Want To Meet?

How To Quickly, Easily & Efficiently Meet The Women You Really Want Life is short. Are you over age, say, 25? How much time have you spent messaging women on internet dating sites? How much time, money, brain cells and precious weekends do you think you have spent trying to meet girls in bars and [read more…]

2 Common Body Language Mistakes You’re Making On Dates

Have you ever been on a date with a girl you really liked, but you somehow screwed it up, and you’ve got no idea how? Frustrating, isn’t it? Well in this video my trainer, Aussie bikini model Nevena, and I show you 2 of the most common body language mistakes men make with beautiful women. [read more…]

How To Greet A Woman On A Date

In this 90 second video my Female Trainer Anita and I show you a simple method to kick off your dates with a hell confident, sexy start. This method also doubles your chances of kissing and sleeping with a girl on your first date, and sometimes even gets her seducing you. Transcript Hey! It’s James [read more…]

The Harder To F**k, The Harder To Date

Transcript So I’m teaching you how to meet women, how to really quickly build an intellectual and emotional connection with them, and then very, very, very smoothly run them through some sort of process that ends in sex. Now obviously you get to sleep with a lot more women, you get to sleep with a [read more…]

The 21 Convention 2014

I want to share some great news with you! I’m one of only 8 dating/lifestyle coaches presenting at the only 21 Convention for 2014. There will be 22 speakers in total covering health, exercise, philosophy, entrepreneurship, fatherhood and nutrition, including at least 1 best selling author. I’m looking forward to meeting these guys myself! The [read more…]

James Interviewed At 21 Convention

The beautiful redhead Marilee from The 21 Convention Melbourne, interviewed James about… How to Sweep Beautiful Women Off Their Feet & Into Bed With Date Planning How To Find A Great Girlfriend & Keep Her Attracted To You Can You Lie To Women & Get Away With It? The video is now up on YouTube. We think [read more…]

My Simple Trick To Date The World’s Hottest Women

Want to know a ridiculously simple, easy to learn trick that’s helped me meet, date and have sex with so many of the most beautiful women I’ve seen on the earth? And got me big discounts, upgrades, larger servings and made me many friends. Well it’s often the little things in life that separate the [read more…]

How Stephen Covey Will Get You Laid

Sadly, author and management consultant Stephen Covey just passed away–aged 79. He is famous for The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (7 Habits), which must be one of the 5 greatest “self help” books of the last century. I’m not aware of any single volume that contains more timeless wisdom. And if you were only to [read more…]