“When You Go Out You Don’t Even Have To Think!”

“This is amazingly powerful stuff. You have no idea what you can possibly discover, it’s not just about women and getting better with women, it’s about general life skills… I am amazingly happy that I stepped up to the plate and actually went for it.” Name: Eric Age: 27 Occupation: IT Project Manager Location: Sydney, [read more…]

“I Wish I’d Done This Course Years Ago…”

“You know the guys should just do themselves a favour, you know, you guys are the real deal. It’s a genuine thing. With knowledge like this the future is going to be completely different. Now there’s a clear path, a graduated path, I can see the road ahead, it’s great. I wish I’d done this [read more…]

“This Should Be Part Of The School Curriculum”

“It should be part of the school curriculum, I honestly believe that. It should be provided for males worldwide. [The best thing is] actually getting feedback and getting thought processes from women being the trainers and “oh this is how we’re thinking”, it really fills me with confidence. My whole life is going to be [read more…]

“It’s The Best Gift You Can Show To Men…”

“It’s the best gift you can show to men… I’ve been coached by a guy who does this for a living and before I met him I was terrible with women. The steps actually work and all you have to do to prove that is go out and do them yourself… It’ll completely change your [read more…]

“The Most Amazing Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me”

“You guys are the most amazing thing that has happened to me. I don’t even feel like the same person, I’ve changed so much… I am an entirely different person and there’s an entire lifetime of experiences that has been opened up to me since the Bootcamp that I would never been able to get [read more…]