How Girls Know You’re A Wuss When You Approach

What simple mistake am I making with my feet in this video that will make the girls reject me? My Female Trainers swimsuit model Nevena, and lingerie model Jacquie and I show you how to avoid being instantly rejected when you approach beautiful women. We then show you exactly where to stand so that beautiful [read more…]

The Secret To Life: Memento Mori

You notice a cute girl… You see a beautiful girl look at you for a full 2 seconds. She quickly looks away and then darts her eye straight back to you for a moment. So what goes through your mind? “What if she doesn’t want to talk to me?” “What should I say to her?” [read more…]

How To Reduce Approach Anxiety

  How can I better manage my energy to meet girls? This is one of the most important questions of all. If you can manage your energy well you don’t need to be that smooth to get great results. If you can’t manage your energy you need a great connection and flawless “game” to have [read more…]