Case Study

How A 43 Year Old Divorced IT Guy Went From Spending $30K A Year On Alcohol With No Success To Seeing Multiple Beautiful Young Women At The Same Time Transcript So I’m 43. I’m in IT. I’ve got a couple of degrees in banking, finance and IT. I’ve got an amazing little family of a [read more…]

Case Study

How A Lonely Bald 5’6″ Project Manager Went From Being Single 80% Of The Time To Having 4 Beautiful Girlfriends At The Same Time Transcript So I’m 36. I’m working as a project manager. One of the ways that the Bootcamp had improved my life was being able to go from you know dating one girl [read more…]

Do THIS When You First Meet A Beautiful Woman

James reveals the biggest, totally lethal mistake that 98% of guys make when they first meet a beautiful woman. Then, shows you what to do instead to “stand out from the crowd” of other guys and spark feelings of instant ATTRACTION that women can’t ignore. And model Bootcamp Coaches Natalia and Jacquie explain exactly how this [read more…]

How To Handle Rejection Like A Man

Most men HATE the idea of being rejected. The idea of plucking up the courage to walk over and try to talk to a beautiful woman, and then having her reject you, causes most men to feel sick to their stomach. I once asked a handsome, 30 something stockbroker I was coaching to go approach [read more…]

How Girls Know You’re A Wuss When You Approach

What simple mistake am I making with my feet in this video that will make the girls reject me? My Female Trainers swimsuit model Nevena, and lingerie model Jacquie and I show you how to avoid being instantly rejected when you approach beautiful women. We then show you exactly where to stand so that beautiful [read more…]

2 Common Body Language Mistakes You’re Making On Dates

Have you ever been on a date with a girl you really liked, but you somehow screwed it up, and you’ve got no idea how? Frustrating, isn’t it? Well in this video my trainer, Aussie bikini model Nevena, and I show you 2 of the most common body language mistakes men make with beautiful women. [read more…]

3 Simple Body Language Signals You Must Know To Avoid Rejection

This 90 second video will show you 3 simple female body language signals to help you avoid 96% of painful rejection. At the same time these body language secrets will let you meet the beautiful women who are by far the most approachable and most likely to go on a date with you.    

Why Dinner Dates Suck

Watch this video to find out exactly why you should never take a girl on a dinner date, and at the end I tell you what you need to do instead to make a date successful.          

The 21 Convention 2014

I want to share some great news with you! I’m one of only 8 dating/lifestyle coaches presenting at the only 21 Convention for 2014. There will be 22 speakers in total covering health, exercise, philosophy, entrepreneurship, fatherhood and nutrition, including at least 1 best selling author. I’m looking forward to meeting these guys myself! The [read more…]

Beat Your Approach Anxiety – Step 1

Warm up: Step 1 of James’ 7 step formula for easily approaching beautiful women even after not going out for months and/or after spending the working week in an office on a computer for 50 hours.                                       [read more…]