The Morning Show – August 2013

Happy Clients – Andrew

“When you told me, “Bruce Willis wouldn’t care if a woman called him baldie, he’d just flash her his million dollar smirk”, I didn’t get you. I didn’t understand. Now I do understand James. What you said makes perfect sense. James looking back, I think you are a classy gentleman. Exactly what I want to [read more…]

Happy Clients – David

“The main thing I wanted form the Bootcamp was not a quick fix, but a guide or a plan that I could take with me and build on over time. I got that at the Bootcamp with James. He assists you in setting or strengthening your life philosophy to align with being the man these [read more…]

Happy Clients – Daniel

“I knew that I had to do this. This was THE aspect of my life that I always wanted to get sorted. You know, it rarely happens that you can open up to someone in just a matter of days. With James and Rebecca this was the case after only one evening. All the way [read more…]

Happy Clients – Graham

“You must have the right knowledge to begin with, and that is where JAMES comes in. I still get approach anxiety, but it is more to do with excitement rather than the do or die situation I used to think it was. These days, its no big deal. I know what I’m capable of. I [read more…]

Happy Clients – RMJ

“We all have potential way above what we currently demonstrate and I could feel that James had unlocked a belief in myself about what that was. Over the past 3 months things have progressed nicely. I don’t feel intimidated by beautiful girls any more. I just see them as girls, who happen to be good [read more…]

Happy Clients – Eduardo

“I did not realise until recently that I was over-complicating the process of meeting and seducing beautiful women. James breaks this stuff down into a few basic concepts. It was one of the best things I have done in my life. Thank you James for showing me the right path!” Name: Eduardo Age: 24 Occupation: [read more…]

Happy Clients – Isaac

“I believe from this bootcamp I have been able to rectify 80% of the problems I have had and I have been able to sum up the solutions in 3 very succinct points: 1. Control your energy 2. Listen 3. Shut the fuck up!” Name: Isaac Age: 19 Occupation: Commerce Student Location: Sydney, Australia I [read more…]

Happy Clients – TJ

“I can’t thank James enough for everything he’s done for me. More than a talented guy, he’s an incredible teacher and coach and a true father figure to look up to and emulate. I’ve found my confidence stretching beyond just women and into my life in general. I’ve started a business I’d always wanted to [read more…]

Happy Clients – Mark

“James, Rebecca, and the other Female Trainers were superb. After being exposed to all kinds of “seduction community” theories on and off over several years, James shows us how to walk up to a girl and introduce ourselves by shaking hands and exchanging names. Wow, can it really be this simple?” Name: Mark Age: 56 [read more…]