Where Are The Women You Want To Meet?

How To Quickly, Easily & Efficiently Meet The Women You Really Want Life is short. Are you over age, say, 25? How much time have you spent messaging women on internet dating sites? How much time, money, brain cells and precious weekends do you think you have spent trying to meet girls in bars and [read more…]

The No.1 Secret To Smooth Conversations

Are you one of the 98% of men who get nervous talking to beautiful women, and usually manage to screw the whole thing up? Well, I sure know how you feel! So, I shot this video for you with Female Trainer and lingerie model Jacquie. You’ll learn the number 1 secret to make your conversations [read more…]

12 New Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive To Beautiful Women

Do You Struggle To Attract The Women You Really Want? Do you sometimes think that you are just not rich, tall, handsome or interesting enough to date the women you really want? Well, why not go out into the world and do some fun, practical things to make yourself a more attractive and desirable man. [read more…]

Why Dinner Dates Are Dumb

Transcript Hey! James from Social Coach, and have I got a big one today for you! For some weird reason, our culture, our society, the movies, TV, encourages you to take women on a first or second date out to this formal, sit-down dinner. It is asinine, it is pretty much the dumbest place you [read more…]

The Number 1 Cause Of Approach Anxiety

Why English Speaking & Asian Men Suck With Women

Don’t Let This Be You

Transcript: Back to my guy who went to primary school and was an excellent student and all this, and became whatever he became – an engineer or doctor or something, or businessperson. The guy we’re talking about is now 30. And this really smoking hot girl comes into the office. And she’s stacked like this, [read more…]

Success With Women Comes Down To 2 Things

How To Greet A Woman On A Date

In this 90 second video my Female Trainer Anita and I show you a simple method to kick off your dates with a hell confident, sexy start. This method also doubles your chances of kissing and sleeping with a girl on your first date, and sometimes even gets her seducing you. Transcript Hey! It’s James [read more…]

The Harder To F**k, The Harder To Date

Transcript So I’m teaching you how to meet women, how to really quickly build an intellectual and emotional connection with them, and then very, very, very smoothly run them through some sort of process that ends in sex. Now obviously you get to sleep with a lot more women, you get to sleep with a [read more…]